Saturday, August 12, 2006

عتاوية الفريج

Stray cats are a growing problem in Kuwait. you find them everywhere, in front of you house, going though your garbage, and laying on top of your car.
There's no agency responsible for handling stray cats. As a result, cats are often left to roam the streets unsterilized.
These cats can become a nuisance! yowling, fighting, spraying, and continuous breeding. and when they breed, they make more unwanted cats.

Remember back in the eighties when Mohammed Al Sanousi proposed a raid to exterminate Rats?? why not create a similar campaign or an animal welfare group were instead they're captured, vaccinated and kept out of the streets, and maybe put for adoption later on.

Well, whoever is going to form such an organization (if they take this seriously) there's this cool Stray Cat Rescue Kit that can help.
A few of those would be handy and ofcourse a shelter.

Is there any organization of that type in Kuwait?


Delicately Realistic said...

I like the kitty cats actually, bs i agree they do make a mess.

But what i really hate is when they fight...they come up with the scariest voices....ykhar3on!

Caffeinated said...

Yeah, the organization is called "PAWS".

What you wrote about is quite true. I think the organization (PAWS) is pretty small, so they can't get to all of the cats at once.

3abeer said...

Delicately Realistic,

They need to be taken off the streets. it's not a pretty sight when you see them tearing up gabage bags!


I'm going to check it out, thanks :)