Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In Sickness and in Health, 'til death do them part! works like a charm...

ادارة الاستشارات الأسرية التابعة لوزارة العدل - الكويت
  • عام 2000 عدد حالات الطلاق 2737
  • عام 2001 عدد حالات الطلاق 2885
  • عام 2002 عدد حالات الطلاق 2968
  • عام 2003 عدد حالات الطلاق 3997
  • عام 2004 عدد حالات الطلاق 4351

اليكم احصائيات 2005 - جريدة الوطن :



Entrepreneur said...


Thats a huge increase....

First, I wonder if the increase is also due to more people "officially" getting divorced, as opposed to staying legally married and just separating.

Secondly, perhaps this increase is attributed to the growing divide in our society between liberal and conservative thinking... hmmmm becomes harder to match people from different camps...

Thirdly, perhaps people are just more open to divorce now than they ever were. Its becoming more acceptable from a social point of view.

Fourth, perhaps arranged marriages are becoming less tolerable although they still occur?

Also, and perhaps most importantly take into account our population has GROWN!

You would have to adjust these numbers for population growth before drawing any conclusions.

If you have a larger population you will undeniably have more divorces, although the % of total marriages that end in divorce could stay the same or indeed decrease.

Does that make sense?


Marriage is not something to take lightly, as obvious as it sounds. It should be one of the most important decisions you ever make

3abeer said...

Year Population

2000 1,973,572
2001 2,041,961
2002 2,111,561
2003 2,183,161
2004 2,257,549
2005 2,335,648

the increase of population from the year 2000 up until 2005 is not a dramatic one. Yet, the increase of the divorce rate is.

Reasons behind it could be:
- Communication problems
- unhappiness
- Incompatibility
- Emotional or Physical Abuse
- Financial Problems
- infidelity

What ever the reasons may be, one should not rush into marriage to fulfill a void.

As you said it's a huge decision, if not the most important one!


when it comes to marriage I'm indecisive, and I'm leaving it at that.

Entrepreneur said...

i did say it was ONE OF the most important decisions you ever make :)

Currently, marriage is for people who are afraid to sleep alone at night

- St Jerome

(A sign that was actually put up in the Delano hotel in Miami) I think I have a picture somewhere. How funny, considering your earlier post was re: miami

3abeer said...

yes just like I said, it's the most important decision anyone could make :P

I want to see that picture :)

3baid said...

What about marriage rate? Did that go out as well?

BLaSha said...

I blame the parents, killa minhom

3abeer said...


Yes it did
year Marriage % of divorce

2000 10785 33.8%
2001 11830 32.6%
2002 12219 32.1%
2003 12292 32.5%
2004 12367 35.2%
2005 12419 36.5%


This is not always the case.

Equalizer said...

There are many factors leading to divorces. Mostly couple don't have a long breath. It is understandable that it is inevitable in the case of arranged marriages, because they might be completely different. Also the fact that now more than ever couples demand a lifestyle together rather than having 2 seperate lives. This means that both would want compatibility on all aspects of their lifes. Just how many get married out of a premarital relationship?

3abeer said...

I think people are just coming to the realizating that arranged marriages don't work, though some still live in Denial.

I'm not against premarital relationships if it's based on the right things, setting goals for their relationship is very crutial otherwise it would be an experimental phase and a waste of time.

our society is becoming open on all levels, but their still rather conservative on the marriage issue. Alot of old school ideas still control the new generation because of their parents or family's influence and ofcourse their acceptance is a big part of it.

I do believe what you have stated is true, compatibility is everything, on every level. I'm not saying each one should reach perfection, yet they should atleast have the bases of carrying on a decent conversation without losing each other along the way.
Other factors such as chemistry plays a very important role too.

I'm sadened by those ratios and statistics, but they are what they are. and I wonder when will this society wake up and smell the coffee?!