Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nip / Tuck: Intense, Dramatic and very funny.

First season, second season and now the third season will be released on DVD on August 29th.
What a show!! I got so addicted to it that once I got the First season, and from the first episode I got hooked. It's an eye-popping, surprising and completely compelling series, revolving around the lives of two very successful plastic surgions who live in Miami, Sean McNamara and Christian Troy of McNamara/Troy. Living in a society were looks are everything and perfection is seeked, you find those two partners who have different values and ethics struggle in doing the right thing. Sean who's suffering marital problems and is very serious about his job, often finds himself running around trying to fix Chritian's mistakes, while Christian is busy dating all his female clients and conducting shady business deals for the love of money.

if you're squeamish, this is not the show for you. I know I am! but I'm already addicted so I close my eyes during those real bloody scenes.

I'm so hooked on the theme song as well - A Perfect Lie by The Engine Room.


ScarlO said...

I've only watched a few episodes, I don't know what I actually feel towards the show. I mean, yes it addresses important issues and all, but the fact that it's very soap-opera-ish puts me off a wee bit..
Besides I'm more into books 8-)

3abeer said...


I'm not a fan of soap-operas at all, and I don't think this show can be categorized as one.

It's a drama series that will eventually end, on the other hand soap-operas stay for centuries :P

Books are always good

BLaSha said...

I've watched the entire damn thing, 9ij eshidik o lazim u watch it till the last episode, bs 3aleehom afkaar!! and the scenes where they preform operations, YUCK!

BLaSha said...

By the way, i have season 3, all of it, do u want it?

3abeer said...


They do have pretty explicit scenes. but it's very interesting to watch.

I already pre-ordered season 3 through Amazon, but thanks for the offer :)

Spicy Pepper said...

Season 4 starts on september 5th. i cant wait :)

3abeer said...

Spicy Pepper,

I'm still watching season 3.
by the time season 4 is out I think I'll be done :)