Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vizcaya. The most beautiful place is South Florida.

I remember back when I was in Miami, I had to pay a visit to the most beautiful place is south Florida. The Vizcaya.
Absolutely gorgeous, with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Vizcaya was the winter residence of American industrialist James Deering from Christmas 1916 until his death in 1925. Deering was a Vice President of the International Harvester Company, which produced agricultural equipment for a worldwide market. He chose a bayfront site in Miami for his tropical winter home because of the location’s temperate winter climate and his appreciation of the native hardwood hammock. In addition, his father, William, had already settled in Coconut Grove and his half brother, Charles Deering, would soon develop an estate at Cutler. The latter is now operated by the Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation Department.
At the time of Vizcaya’s construction, Miami’s population was around 10,000. More than 1,000 workers were employed in the Vizcaya project, including laborers and craftsmen from the Caribbean and Europe. In addition to the house and gardens, the complex included a farm, livestock, and a variety of other service facilities covering 180 acres on both sides of South Miami Avenue.

Taken from http://www.vizcayamuseum.org/

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Cuteberry said...

I love this place!! Its amazing :) Can you imagine that when they had that palace, kuwaitis were still diving for pearls? Amazing ..

Entrepreneur said...

Wow, sounds beautiful. I was in Miami last summer, spent a few days at the Delano. Great hotel with a great atmosphere. Aside from the humidity in Miami, its really a funky city.

Hmmmm I miss Miami :)

Transparently said...

Never been to Miami yet, hope to go there some day. That looks like an awesome place. And your blog site.. might I say, is a wonder. Love the blue all over.

3abeer said...


South Florida has a beautiful history and was mainly influenced by Spain whom exercised control over Florida for nearly 250 years.

Miami has a colorful culture. it's surely one the places you should put on your travel list :)


Well, everybody's naked in Miami so humibity is not a big issue, e7na elli misakeen we have to be covered up during the month of August. 7asarah 3alainah :P

Delano is one of Morgans Hotel Group, they specialize in Boutique hotels, which means each hotel they own has it's own theme.
Beautiful and lavish.
I love their concept.

check it out:



Merci merci for your kind compliment :)

and you should visit Miami, it has it's own flavor.

Entrepreneur said...

Im very familiar with Morgans, Ive stayed at the Hudson in NYC, Mondrian in LA, Delano in Miami and the Clift in San Fran...


covered in august? ummm im not covered in august

3abeer said...


You're a guy, it's different.

I'm not completely covered, bas ham 7ar.

Wer3Y said...

WOW!! really nice place, i wana be there sometime soon inshala.

Entrepreneur said...

3abeer ....

which brings us to question: why should women be treated differently to men. To cover. We arent forced to cover, so why is it that women have to make that sacrifice? Shouldn't it fall upon the men to control their "urges" and control their "though process" as opposed to imposing the responsibilities on women?

Besides, considering the 7ijab is supposed to make you less conspicuous, in a country such as the USA, by wearing one the opposite is in fact acheived - drawing attention to ones self!

Then you can go on to debate (as a good friend mentioned to me) what do women get in Heaven? Men get promised wine and plenty of virgin women to indulge themselves in... women themselves on the other hand get what? A pat on the back, a couple of books and the liberty of not covering?

Sounds very skewed to me :)

Anyways, this is off topic, yet SOOO much fun to debate.

Sorry if i went on

3abeer said...


did I say it was hot?? after those comments, I think it reached boiling temperature!!

Have you ever heard the phrase " it's a man's world" ? that sums it up. I think we live in a society driven by men for men ! look at us, as women; we just started to have a voice this year?! this year was the first year for us to vote to have rights!

you're arguement is sound, but it got me thinking, after all this hard work here on earth, what am I getting in my after life? am I going to have the same privileges as a man? or am I doomed to be enslaved by a man even after I die?
in heaven will I get what a man gets?
I would surely like to know what is that I'm wokring for here ??
Unfortunetly life didn't come with a manual.

and BTW if all Kuwaiti men thought like you do, we'd be one hell of a liberal country :)

Chan Zain.

P.S. I'm not big on 7ijab. I like my hair way to much to cover it up :)

Entrepreneur said...

I will take what you said as a compliment that I thank you for. Merci madame.

I know, it is a mans world. Perhaps by our nature (genetical aggressiveness) that it the world was destined to be controlled by males as opposed to females - which however is not neccessarily right in any way.

As you said, women have only just been granted a political voice here in Kuwait - long overdue, and held back by both cultural and religious primitiveness. I voted for a woman this election, and I was sad that not a single candidate made it through. Next time inshallah.

But onto bigger things that politics, religion. Religion is a very interesting concept. From what we know about human nature, we know that the ego is a powerful element of what makes us individuals. We know that self importance is a critical element of our survival. We are intelligent beings and hence self importance can manifest itself in both the physical (try to keep alive) and in the non-physical (mentally). I think it would be self destructive from a mental point of view should we not believe that there was no continuity to our lives after we die. It is too much of a depressing thought for one to think, hence we are self-obliged to have this belief that there is more.

We are too important to die and not exist anymore. After all, from our own eyes the world revolves around us. We are each the centre of our own movie.

So, an afterlife or higher calling is established by default. Our brain wont let us think otherwise. This is where it gets interesting, and this is where people are their weakest.

Religion guides, governs and most importantly controls, and in return promises everything that we can't or don't have. It promises health to the sick, happiness to the sad, and wealth to the poor. It promises to reunite us with our loved ones - possibly the hardest emotional aspect of life (dealing with the loss of a loved one)

So, with all the above wrapped up in a package, it then becomes an issue of convincing this package is available. There is no gurantee, there is no proof, there is only that interesting concept of ... faith.

Control what is in the package (both requirements from the people who want it and the rewards they will receive) and you have the highest level of control over any society that transcends borders, races, ages, sexes... you name it.

Its untouchable.

If you created it, you're one powerful individual.

3abeer said...

I don't know if I should be saying this..but, I'm losing faith.

I have doubts now and questions that have no answers. I'm doubting that everything I learned and grew up to blindly have faith in, is nothing but brainwashing. Material that was imposed upon me, stuff that other people wanted me to think was true.
I do believe there's a God, I just don't know if I believe organized religions! they say something and act in another, we as Muslims talk about peace and we carry out violence!

I can't say more....

I'm going to have to just change the subject...

So...? How are you dealing with this Heat? going to the beach? taveling somewhere soon? (back to square one!)

Entrepreneur said...

Morning 3abeer

:) I know what you mean, I've been more questioning as of late. The only thing that I know for sure is that "being a good individual" based on your own standards is what counts. There are some essential moral standards such as honesty and treating others how you would like to be treated that are the most important to me.

As for the heat... well, I was supposed to be in the US on business for most of this summer but those plans have been put on hold. I will probably be travelling during ramadhan. Ive been to a friends chalet most weekends, a great way to escape everything, making the summer alot more bearable.

What about you?

3abeer said...

I agree, as long as you believe you are doing the right thing and not causing anyone any harm, I think that's what you should be judged upon.

I'm going to a spa :)