Sunday, September 24, 2006

Heard of it??

back in the days it used to be Gatorade.. then came along Red Bull... I guess the rush you get from those energy drinks is not enough !!

COCAINE is the newest thing on the market! yes!! it's called Cocaine and what better name than this to describe the legal alternative to the drug?!! The drink's manufacturer promises the red-colored beverage gives a bigger, better and longer energy boost than other drinks on the market.

Right now, the energy drink can only be found in bars in New York and Los Angeles.It will be unveiled in San Diego later this week.

what's next???


G.Q. said...

I'll tell you what's next .. you will see it at Sultan Center too.

3abeer said...

it's a given :)

the name would raise some eyebrows ..wouldn't you think ??

Harry Kane said...

What's next? Crack-aid.

Anonymous said...

It is quite anumsing that the need for "more" energy is actually in place. If red bull gives you wings.. is red cocaine going to give you rocket fuel? heh, thats a little too much me thinks.

The name is bad too.

3abeer said...

harry kane,

you tell me ?!!!


I agreee and I don't understand where are they going with this? I mean it's bad enough people are consuming those energy drinks and the side effects they have.. now they associate them with a drug??!!

Safi said...

Just a piece of information.
Coca Cola started out containing cocaine. It was a drink for soldiers in war.
So I can see where they got the idea to name it.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it...the manufactures are using reverse psychology with you. Think about it, with a drink named after a drug, you can definitely rest assured that the brand won't contain any illegal ingredients.

I personally cannot wait to try it out.

3abeer said...


back then it was different.. now they're influencing teenagers and kids to drink this by linking it to a drug!! I can't say it's not catchy and I will be the first to try it! but still I think they've gone over board with this.

fallen angel,

it definitely would not contain any illegal ingredients like you said, otherwise they wouldn't be able to put it out there .. but as I said .. linking it to a serious drug like cocaine could have it's negative effects..if you know what I mean.

The Criticizer said...

Energy drinks suck, none of them does anything. They're just stimulants just like any type of coffee.

3abeer said...

the criticizer,

welcome to my blog :)

I'm not a huge fan of energy drinks either, and they have serious side effects. I only tried RedBull once and that was it !
but I'm willing to try this one...just once as well to know what's the hype about.

The Criticizer said...

Thanks for the welcome note.

I have tried RedBull, PowerHorse, Energy, Bison, and Magic; none of them even taste good. IMO the only one that has an acceptable taste is RedBull.

3abeer said...

The Criticizer,

well, I haven't tried any of what you mentioned.. except for Redbull.. and it's alright. but nothing special.