Sunday, October 22, 2006

عيــــدكم مبــــــــــــــــــــارك


50 things you should eat before you die !!

BBC Food has posted the 50 things you should eat before you die! voted by people that recommend it atleast once in a life time.

I highlighted the ones I tried in Yellow

  1. Fresh Fish - ofcourse, do I have to name them? waayed

  2. Lobster - yummy

  3. Steak - medium well is the way I like it.

  4. Thai Food - a certain someone got me addicited to Thai food, especially green curry chicken and papaya salad

  5. Chinese Food - everywhere I go there's a chinese food restaurant! not a huge fan though

  6. Ice cream - addicted to it - my favorite is green tea and ofcourse chocolate

  7. Pizza - NewYork style? you betcha!

  8. Crab - again.. yum

  9. Curry - I like indian food

  10. Prawns (shrimp) - with a classic fettucine alfredo

  11. Moreton Bay Bugs - I might've I'm not sure it lobster's first cousin

  12. Clam Chowder - tried it once, didn't like it.

  13. Barbecues - I like barbecues

  14. Pancakes - with berries

  15. Pasta - if I wasn't Kuwaiti, I'd be Italian.. I'm a Pasta lover, and I can kiss the no-carb-diet goodbye!

  16. Mussels - I like'em with pasta

  17. Cheesecake - I make a killer banana chocolate cheese cake

  18. lamb - roasted

  19. Cream tea - who hasn't?

  20. Alligator - it tastes like chicken!

  21. Oysters - uuuh yes... too fishy

  22. Kangaroo - never had it.. can't say I wouldn't give it a try.. * animal rights attack

  23. Chocolate - hmmm... chocoholic!!!!

  24. Sandwiches - almost everything comes in a sandwich.. and almost everyone had a sandwich!

  25. Greek food - our regular hang out used to be a greek restaurant :)

  26. Burgers - do I have to name my favorite burger place?

  27. Mexican food - yup

  28. Squid - I don't like it battered, I like it Sautéed

  29. American diner breakfast - Diana ... I miss you

  30. Salmon - a very oily fish, but I love it

  31. Venison - I had it machboos !!

  32. Guinea Pig - eeewww NO!

  33. Shark - I fear it.. so I ate it as a form of therapy :P

  34. Sushi - since forever and ever and ever.......

  35. Paella - my distant cousin's wife is morrocan, she cooked us Paella once, not bad..but I like it with seafood only which defies the whole concept :P

  36. Barramundi - I'm not sure :/

  37. Reindeer - nope I had deer

  38. Kebab - 6ub3an!!

  39. Scallops - I love all shellfish

  40. Australian meat pie - not yet

  41. Mango - I'm allergic...and I can never have enough

  42. Durian fruit - and I thought I tried almost all kinds of fruits!! this... I haven't.

  43. Octopus - yes I tried it, and I have to say I liked it ... weird?

  44. Ribs - I like'em barbecued

  45. Roast beef - depends on the recipe

  46. Tapas - well, hmmmm .. vague! I guess ...yes!?!

  47. Jerk chicken/pork - never had it

  48. Haggis - I don't have the stomach for this !! YUCK

  49. Caviar - Baluga! on toast

  50. Cornish pasty - I'm willing to try it

There are many varieties of food that I have tried or willing to try that are not on the list, such as mushrooms, ostrich, Pomegranates, Quails, escargot, frog legs and truffles .. and many more that I can't recall right now.

If you have any food items that you have tried and are not on the list please do share them :)


Fuzzy said...

tried Allegator as an appetizer dish, was cool, and yes, all new things taste like chicken hehhe

3abeer said...


even frog legs tasted like chicken wings...! you wouldn't tell the difference. :)

kila ma6goog said...


i have 40 something left:P

عيدكم مبارك و عساكم من عوادة و تقبل الله اعمالكم

3abeer said...

kila ma6goog,

منا ومنك صالح الأعمال

oh.. and you're TAGGED !

let's find out what your list consists of :)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ayamech sa3eeda :)

Well i guess i should stop eating if i wanna listen to these 50 things :)

Borzaiga said...

i can live on machboos for the comming 25 years :p

3abeer said...


you don't have to eat all of them, but how many of them have you tried until now ? :)


machboos is a safe zone.. risk it a little :)

Frankom said...

:: 3edech embarak, tawney astaw3eb we have the image :)

3abeer said...

ayamek sa3eeda :)
and welcome.

what image do you have??

kila ma6goog said...

ill make my own list since i dont eat 3/4 of the bbc choices

give me time i am in the middle of writing this political post

ciao ciao

Dr.Lost said...

ummm i dont eat ANYTHING from the SEA!! Nuthinnnn.. not even sushi.. nuthin.. just tuna :)

3abeer said...

kila ma6goog,

if you want to make your own list, be my guest :)

and no rush, take your time ..


I'm a tuna lover myself.. but why don't you like seafood? bad experience?

mishari said...

كل وانتى بالف صحة وخير:)

me said...

kil 3am wentay b7'air

but what about frog legs!!!!!

3abeer said...


انت بخير .. وتقبل الله طاعتك


Well, I had frog legs and I mentioned that at the end.
there are alot of items that are not on this list.. so if you have you're own ..please do share :)

skunk said...

"Shark - I fear it.. so I ate it as a form of therapy :P"

hahaha that made me laugh! and i think i'll app;y that to my eating habits from now on :P

a cornish pasty is like a big ass baked sambosa with potato veggies and meat fillings, and are quite nice :P

escargot is a must, preferably when youre in france.

oh and a lahksa in malaysia, its kinda like the thai curry but red, and creamy.

3abeer said...


welcome to my humble blog :)
you can apply the fear tactic to whatever is edible.. try to avoid human beings that you fear..if you do.. because I don't want you turning into a cannibal :P

I will try the conish pasty & lahksa...
escargot is one of my favorite dishes.. had it in the states..will definitly have it when I go to paris :)

Twix said...

kewl post.

I've tried almost everything on ur list, minus the croc, kangroo and the furry creature. I think I wanna try sharks. Heard the shark fin soup is suppose to be amazing.

Thinking of stuff I might have tasted and include in the list would be camel meat or thabaan (thub).

3abeer said...

Thanks sweets :)

croc..tastes like chicken!
kangaroo.. haven't tried it either
shark meat tastes really should try it :)

camel meat I have tried recently and after I posted this.. bas thub??? ambaih! what does it taste like? ...latheeth?

by the way ...since you have more interesting things to add.. well then .. you're TAGGED :)

show me watcha got ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree on:
-Cheeeese Cake

-French Toast+Ketchup
-French Fries!!
-And lots of Ketchup;P

Oh and.. Kangarooo??
Are you serious @@

3abeer said...


this list was BBC .. I highlighted the ones I tired in yellow.. and Kangaroo ain't one of them :)

Anonymous said...

Then let me rephrase my Question.
Are THEY serious? @@


Sedna said...

Wow, mashalla. I haven't tried 90% of that list!! I'm say the least

3abeer said...


those Brits are always serious :P
I would try it wouldn't you??


oh come on sedna!! live a little :P

Ghasheema said...

its scares me how people eat anything they can swallow....some and to me most of the food on the list is prolly a health hazard :-|

3abeer said...


as I always say.. you gotta live a little ;)

strong enough said...

i'd like to die before i eat " caviar " !!!
really i don't like it !!
thanks ;)

3abeer said...

strong enough,

first time visit? welcome welcome.

you don't have to eat caviar it's an acquired taste and not alot of people like it, so you're not alone :)

that been said, how about I tag you so you'd tell us what you've tried from the list ;)

"you are officially TAGGED.. have fun :)"