Sunday, March 25, 2007

A boring yet crucial post !

Aiming for a Stress-Free Lifestyle...


- Any activity, from walking to swimming, can be a form of active meditation as long as you make an effort to involve your mind, body and spirit.
- Decide in your mind that you are going to participate in active meditation, and determine for how long.
- Begin by focusing on the present. Acknowledge any thoughts of the future or past and allow them to pass.
- Be aware of your actions. Whether you're walking, eating, dancing or sitting, marvel at every aspect of what you're doing.
- Experience how your feet feel as they touch the ground. Appreciate your body as you move, noticing your arms as they sway, your legs as they extend, your shoulders as they relax.
- Notice the details of your surroundings - the smells, the vibrant colors, the sounds, the textures.
- Feel your rib cage and belly expanding and contracting as you breathe.
- Decide when the active meditation is over. It can end either at the completion of your activity or simply when you decide it's over.

A To Do List:

- Before going to bed jot a to-do list in your daily planner (I don't know how anyone can manage without one) for the next day.
- Try assigning tasks to hourly slots, even if exact timing isn't crucial.
- Fill in preset, mandatory appointments such as business meetings.
- Prioritize tasks in order of urgency, and write those down before less important ones.
- Figure out when, during the day, you are most productive and alert. Schedule the more demanding tasks during these times.
- Schedule an easy job after a difficult one or a long task after a short one to keep yourself stimulated.
- Indicate time for breaks and time to spend with family and friends. (it's a must!)
- In addition to your daily schedule, keep an ongoing list of projects that you need to accomplish, but haven't penciled into your daily list ' things to fix around the house, bills to pay, people to call.
- Update this list at least once a week.
- Try keeping a list of long-term goals.
- Make a running list for leisure or entertainment goals - books to read, videos to rent, restaurants to try, traveling, partying (this one is a must for me!).

Coping with Worry:

- Pinpoint the exact cause of your worries. If you feel vaguely uneasy or agitated, sort through your feelings to determine exactly what is troubling you.
- Tackle the worry straight on. Thinking about the worst possible outcome you could face.
- Reflect on your past..what you worried about, the sorts of bad things that happened. You may realize that even unexpected bad fortune didn't turn out as bad as you might imagine, and that you learned a great deal or somehow benefited from it.
- Realize that worrying will not improve the cannot prevent bad outcomes simply by fretting.
- Take action to better the situation. Do what is within your power to prevent undesirable turns of events.
- Have confidence in your personal ability against challenges. Review your strengths, the challenges you've overcome in the past and the people around you who can offer support.

wi bas!

I want a worry-free, stress-free easy going lifestyle.. what do you want??!


nEo said...

for me .. all i want is simple

10 milion kd and give me all the stress !


j/k about the stress thing not the 10M kd !

3abeer said...


yeah and I'll manage that money for you.. if you want :P

eshda3wa said...

i want the same thing u want

except meditation usually puts me to sleep, and active meditation stresses me out, the whole notice every single detail yrfa3 thag6e
other than that i do most of the stuff on the list
i cant live without my planner!

i wouldnt mind 10million either

3abeer said...


I guess I'm going to have to manage your money too :P

by the way I take 10% of your capital :P

na9abah 9a7?

your dad thinks el kalak werathi bil3aylah :P

Delicately Realistic said...

I do the to-do list thing, i have to ;/ or else ill overbook myself.

Glad ur back

Phoenicia said...

you have created excellent blogs here..i like this blog and your recipe blog..both so informational..

Anonymous said...

I so needed to read this

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Organized, informative, smart and lovely.
boring? not at all :)

Thanks for the tips. gonna use them. am a list person (and a worrier)! can't live my life without to-do lists. they make me feel productive.

Spontaneousnessity said...

etsadgeen I don't make to do lists! I let things happen the way they're supposed to and I just cope, sar sar, masar ba3ad shensawy, as per meditation I am dieing to make time for Yoga, we used to do that and it was so fun, I know this really good instructor you just need the right group? you in? yalla shaj3eeny =P

3abeer said...


I know what you mean, and whenever I scratch something off that list I feel I'm getting somewhere ..

Glad to be back suga ;**


Welcome to my humble temple.. " or is it ?!" :P
glad you like it ;)


First time visitor??
Thanks for dropping by.. care for a drink?
pink lemonade maybe ? :P

L darling,

seriously.. I want to stop worrying about everything .. I mean I'm missing out on the fun things in life and obssessing on those little details.. to anal !
perfectionist! :/

sponty wonty,

I'm so in.. 3ala el aqal ashooofech!!! we do something together..!

yala organize it and fill me in on the details.. I so want to do yoga.. gimmi a call later to talk details ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

3abeer, wohoo! khala you'll hear from me Friday, after our breakfast meeting I suggest it to the cool ones and BAAYAM! .. I don't know why baam bs ya3ni I'll let you know by then hehe


3abeer said...



can't wait ;)

Phoenicia said...

you have a wonderful blog here..

error said...

Excellent advice!! 3aini 3aleech barda 3abroo!!

As for the wanting part!! I want to have coffee with another bloggeritte!!

Alia said...

abi yoga ...

3abeer said...


Thanks darling ;)


My God error I'm impressed!! you actually said something!
That's a change ;P


yala you're in?? :)

Dr.Lost said...

i loved the drawing, which im sure that you didnt draw yourself ;p

shinu hal medidate w daily planning w kharabee6? 3aisha dor il oum wala aih ya wliya? ;p yam3awda live your life moment by moment, be spontaneous ;p

Dr.Lost said...

il zibda: write a new post ;p miss u loser :(

kila ma6goog said...

technicly stress free lifestyle has another name


3abeer said...

Losty !!

shouldn't you be PLANNING for your studying? :P

should I go there ?? do you really want me to go there ??

I doubt! hehe

so I'll just keep quiet ;)

kila mkafkheeena,

falek mo shay !!
laish? 3asa ma shar? why does it have to be that way..

I don't want to die..
inshalla elli yekrahni :P

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Exactly. you are a total perfectionist. I was gonna say that even before I read the end of your reply. Perfectionists suffer and they're very clever and sophisticated. I hate it when people call themselves perfectionists when they don't really know the meaning of it! It is a really tiring thing. it's like ALL-or-NONE thinking! I personally find it a very attractive thing (minus the fact that it is very complicated) :)

Am glad you're feeling better :*

ZiZoTiMe said...

Even if u had 2 things in that list... Simply u won't do them :P

3abeer said...

L's brain,

you're right it is tiring.. I'm trying to relax a bit and not go o hard on myself.

Thanks suga ;**


I would! I don't know about you though ;)