Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can you change habits? can you turn a mule into an arabian horse?

How to turn this...

Into that....

Does it really work ???


Anonymous said...

Plastic surgery?

3abeer said...


well.. I wish it was the exterior part or just the looks... it's more of an attitude issue :/

Spontaneousnessity said...


Anonymous said...

I know. I believe you can get rid of some habits, but it haunts you sooner or later.

Spontaneousnessity said...

you guys don't understand hehehe

it's a muuuuuuuulleee!

3abeer said...


habits.. ehi bas habits??!!

ehi habits wi lifestyle wi hebab me6ayeb bi a6raaan wi 7yatik :P


ee walla eee walla eeee walla!!!

shoosha said...

you mean physically?

3baid said...

You can, but it would take so long that you'll give up anyway.

Zed said...

a mule is a mule, no mater what you do

Alia said...

إي .... لي حجت البقر على قرونها

nEo said...


الخليجية في خوش دكتور ينفع ينصب حتى على الحصن

3abeer said...


even though the physical aspect is not that great.. but that's the least of my concerns... it's mentality and lifestyle is what I'm worried about :/


Thanks for the positive vibe :P


so I should give up.. sa7?


yegoolon bas ana bali 6eweeel ;)


shdarak?? enta zebon ? wela mwadeela a7ad??


error said...

take the difficult decision!!

3abeer said...


they're both difficult.. which one ?!

dishevelled said...

I'd like to have faith in humanity.
So yes, I'd say it's possible. I mean just like that habit was created, there should be a way to destroy it!
There's nothing more powerful that you!

3abeer said...


I love ur optimism :)
and I was that way up until...

I realized there's no winning situation with that one..
in this case.. once a mule.. always a mule.. or rather a donkey.. and at the very end .. he's a JACK ASS !
any way you want to put it ..
Simple ;)
not worth the effort.

Dental said...

simply No

bo e6bee3 ma eyooz 3an 6ab3a :D

3abeer said...


ana aaaamant ena hal kalam 9a7eeeeee7 100%


ValenciaLover said...

Yes, you would give up after a while. I did.

3abeer said...


I already did sweety ;)