Wednesday, October 03, 2007

poke each other using facebook !

موحد القطرين
it's a small world after all !
everyone is no more than six "steps" away from each person on Earth. Several studies have been conducted tomeasure this connectedness. While the exact number of links between people differs depending on the population measured.
That been said .. I think it's 2 steps when it comes to facebook.
have you been facebooking lately???
a friend of mine thinks it's a conspiracy.. all of our personal information being out there.. everything we do or did.. the fact that we are monitored all the time is freakin' him out.
ana agoola.. 3adi.. no one is after you.. you're not that special.. so get over it ;P
and to my facebooking friends..
I give you this song..


Shurouq said...

Hehe a couple of more posts like this one and a better looking choir and I might be convinced.

3abeer said...

forget the way they look.. the words are just convincing enough.. don't ya think ? :P

thanks to H she found this masterpiece ;)

eshda3wa said...

not on facebook!

i refuse to conform!!

3abeer said...


why r u ant-facebook?? shda3wa?? facebook yekhare3? :P

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I might have poked you already ;p

3abeer said...


really??? ;)

yala .. tell me.. who are u ?:P

a Dreamer with feet on the Floor said...

U seem cute ..I like U

Orangina fadidra said...

Oranjina's facebook-addict

3abeer said...


Thank you :)

Orangina fadidra,

I guess I can say the same about myself :/

error said...

just wanted to say hi

so hi!

ValenciaLover said...

خوش أغنية وبعد لو وياها صفقة ومراويس يكون أحسن

3abeer said...


Hi-aaaain ;)


khosh fekra ;)

Delicately Realistic said...


3abeer said...


ahlan ahlan.. baihhhh.. !1 men zeman ma sheftech.. how've you been girl ??

OutOfReach said...

nice blog o0 nice post :P
but i dont know why i dont like it :S

OutOfReach said...

of course i meant i dont like face book ;P
have a nice day :)

3abeer said...


facebook.. is a phase I think and everyone will eventually get out of it ;P