Sunday, April 13, 2008

Emotional weather.. cruel intent..

a few days back the weather Gods weren't so happy with us .. so they hit us with what I call ..
Hurricane Manayer

Kuwait weather forecast for this week..
since our weather has been a bit moody and unpredictable.. there are no guarantees on how accurate the forecast is !

as far as my love life goes..
nizar qabbani .. hit home !

إني عشقتك ... واتخـذت قـــراري
فلمن أقــدم - يا ترى - أعذاري

لا سلطـة في الحب ... تعلو سلطـتي
فالرأي رأيي ... والخيار خياري

نزار قبـــاني


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

oh I personally think that "Manayiir" is the perfect and best name for this hurricane :)

And about your love life... eb cham kilo الخيار? I want to make سلطه ... *lame* sorry sorry

Seriously, I love the picture. I'm wondering though, is it true that nothing vanquishes the force of the one in love? What about the beloved? Very oxymoronic but it happens..

ma3alich mene.. I tend to overanalyze ...

3abeer said...

L my dear..

I thought of kilo el kheyar methlech ;P so no need to appologize.

when in love .. demons visit and thoughts creep .. push them away and keep on going with full force! that's what I have learned .. and your partner shoudl be a believer too!

w 3ala golat om kalthoum ...bas my version : " ma a6aaal al under analyzing 3omran wala qasar fel a3mari el over analyzing"

hathi 3ad sij LAME :P

Ahmed© said...

the weather is confusing, as for mr nizar; i hate him! :P

Alia said...

heheheh ... lol

I liked the name "Hurricane Manayer" so Kuwaiti .. so cool

How's the new house babe? :**

Dr.paula said...

yea it was rlly tough weather

OutOfReach said...

nice name Manayer :P
I like nizar qabani very much nice words :)
and thanks for passing by earlier :)

3abeer said...


you hate him ?? !! hate is a big word my friend ;)


ba3ad lazem we name our natural disasters! .. shino el states a7san menna?

walla the new house is taking alot of time to furnish and the smallest details take alot of effort.. aside from that it's a great change. even though we feel like we're vacationing and sooner or later we're going back !! weird feeling :/

miss you .. coming to the exhibition ?? :***


felt nothing !! heard about it only :/


Pleasure ;)
nezar always hits me hard.. love his words.

Ahmed© said...

yeah i do, he sees women as objects, i dont know what women see in his pervert words :\

3abeer said...

we are objects..

objects of desire ;)