Monday, August 04, 2008

Dear Diary, a.k.a. Blog .........after a bit of shopping we decided to.....

Day: Sunday
Date: August 3rd 2008
Time: (22:31) 10:31 pm
Location: Marina Crescent, Kuwait
Exact Location: ayyame Restaurant - Arabic Fusion أيّامي

picture borrowed from Google Image

Pre dining:
Entered the restaurant..requested a table...sat down.. annoying waiter.. dirty napkin..waiter argued it was a print on the napkin.. I argued it was used napkin.. waiter agreed to get a new napkin.. went ahead and ordered...Order consisted of:

شــوربة حريره
شــوربة عدس
سلطة فلافل
2 عصير رمان

The order itself was a ticking bomb, never mind that.. it got worse..

picture borrowed from google image

we both had our soup.. a bit too much cumin but hey,, no biggi.
the salad was ok.. nothing special was a green salad with falafel pieces and taheini dressing.

Kushari tasted like 3aish w daqoos..

so far no problem.. not a great experience but, what the heck it's a try out.
so while digging into my kushari and through my 4th bite I choked.. seriously choked!! I couldn't figure out what was that I sensed in the back of my throat.. sorry for being too graphic.. but I neither could swollow it nor could I spit it out !!

After 2 glasses of water and a few sips of my pomogrenate juice I was finly able to wash it down!
I was still puzzled by the sharp sticky object that I couldn't swallow.. so I did my little investigating technique and searched through the kushari bowl to find out what was this little surprise they served me.. it was a small piece that looked like a raw onion, yet not exactly?!..

So,, my partner in crime decided to dissect the object to find out what it was.. to our astonishment it was not a rough onion nor a cooked one!!!.. actually,, it was not food at all !.. and after all the smelling, pinching, bitting, nipping and tearing of the object.. to our surprise it was nothing but PLASTIC! yes ladies and gentleman plain old plastic.

picture taken by 3abeer

our conclusion was that while preparing the extravagant dish.. and putting the ingredients together .. some of those ingredients came in a plastic bag .. and ofcourse... a little plastic gift was stashed in there for me to discover


Service: Average
Atmosphere: Good
Food: Guess!!! Bad
Over all experience: in my case BAD

moral of the story: check your food prior to eating it.. you never know what kind of surprise awaits you !

Note to self: NEVER go to ayyame again!


Ahmed© said...

someone da3i 3laich 9a7! *coughs: moe!* :P

salamat, stick to BURGAN w KABAB IL 7IJJA, killish killish, shari3 il ma6a3im next time :D

3abeer said...


Maskeen moe.. I doubt.. I suspect it was you cause I keep delaying the pickup dates :P

Ahmed© said...


la, 3ady, im used to the delays, mako faida, killah gowa6i nafarat :P

حلم جميل بوطن أفضل said...

سلطة فلافل؟

secret said...

انا رحتله و هم كليت سلطة الفلافل
ما عجبني اكله


بس الشيشة حلوة

Alia said...

I agree

food not that good ..ما فيه طعم
Atmosphere .. مخملي زيادة عن اللزوم
بس عجبتني الكراسي والقنفات

3abeer said...

حلم جميل

ايييه والله سلطة فلافل !! غلطه


it was a big disappointment ! :(


I told H the same thing the only thing I approved of was their chairs.. aside from that NOTHING :/

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Al7een what's wrong with home made machbos?

3abeer said...

L hon :)

eee walla you're right..
bas el 6afasa w ma tsawi :P

The Queen of Mayhem said...

Or maybe it was the argumentative waiter's revenge ;p? dude you gotta be careful with people who handle your food ;\ once i ordered from ma63am "55" (shishtawoo2) and he put in a half ..raw..i mean VERY VERY raw banana in there with my chicken !! I think its because i ordered alotta shishtawoo2 those days - (i went through this phase ;p)

3abeer said...

Queen of Mayhem,

Hello :)
well, there was no heated argument or anything of that sort ! everything was bottled in from my part.. I'm always extremely careful whith people who handle my food..

but I think the chef was in a hurry was a bit crouded that night :/

Hanan said...

I was so relieved when you said plastic. I was preparing myself for something more icky :)

Hey girl. How are you?

3abeer said...


Plastic w mo khalseen !!! ba3ad you want something more icky?!..if that was the case.. I might've done a little bit more than blog about it .. such as.. maybe .. kill someone :P
elmohem 3adat 3ala khair ;)

w I'm doing well darling.. it's just a shame I haven't had the time to travel this summer.. bummer :( .. i guess I'll do it end of this year.. anything interesting going on with you? ;)

salmay :***

feelingstalk said...

u didn't tell us what did u do after u know that u nearly eat PLASTIC !!

Thanks God that i never went there

3abeer said...


absolutly nothing.. didn't say one word.. just blogged about it.. isn't that enough ? :P

sandra said...

First of all I would like to say something, don’t you feel that you make it a big story, its shows that u have really sick person and u should not visit any restaurant at all. By the way I already check your food page and all what I can say god be with the one who will eat your food. u make me feel really that I want to know you more just to show you what is the food experience. Just note for your information be nice with the people it don’t deserve to create all this story from nothing
at the end take care and see you