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100 useful things to do with your 7ijab.

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I couldn't keep my mouth shut or, let's say, my fingers from typing..


Entrepreneur said...

Silly outdated concept, made for a period of time when the sight of hair was arousing.

We have the internet and porn now, not to mention sluttily clad girls from Marina mall. My my how times have changed. :D

3abeer said...

True. One interesting fact is that most 7ijab wearing girls tend to dress in more provocative clothing than us non-7ijab wearing girls!

So it's just the hair that's doing all the luring and arousing?

interestingly enough it's always ok for a mit7ajba to wear tight-ass clothing, while covered from head to toe yet you could see her underwear lining! but it's never ok for a non mit7ajba to wear something like a pair of jeans and nice sleeveless shirt! why?
is bare skin a bad thing, but underwear garmets are ok as long as they are under a piece of clothing that is see-through !?

Interesting how society functions!!

P.S. before anyone attacks me, I'm only stating a fact, but never neglect to mention that there are a few 7ijab wearing chicas who truly wears it respectfully.

Delicately Realistic said...

"One interesting fact is that most 7ijab wearing girls tend to dress in more provocative clothing than us non-7ijab wearing girls!"

Thats not a fact. Its not 'most'. Those girls are a minority. The girls u c in marina mall are not the whole of kuwait, nor do they represent every mit7ajba on the face of the earth.

"it's always ok for a mit7ajba to wear tight-ass clothing, while covered from head to toe yet you could see her underwear lining!"

No its NOT ok for a mit7ajba to dress like that, it defies the whole concept, who said it was ok?

I'm sorry if my comment is coming off a little strong, but i'm really really sick of this subject. Everyone sitting on their high tower preaching about 7jab and mit7ajbat when at the end of the day we are the ones wearing it, whether its right or wrong, backward or outdated its our business, whether its worn the right or the wrong way...well just leave that to us why dont u?

Aby kil rayal o kil mo mit7ajba, tgha6y ras'ha bas, mo ila talbis 6weel o msatar, o t6la3 bara ib shams ilkuwait, o b3dain ta3alaw ti7achaw 3n il7ijab. You have no right to judge us.

This comment is not directed to you 3abeer, i have nothing against you personally, its just that this issue has come up far too many times for me to let it slide past.

3abeer said...

First of all thank you for commenting, and you are always entitled to your own opinion. I don't and won't take it personally because as a matter of fact, this is what blogging is all about. Posting ideas, opinions, beliefs and people tend to comment.

as for the subject we are discussing, and regarding ur first point about " the interesting fact" I didn't say all of the mit7ajbas in Kuwait, I said most. I won't speak of statistics nor will I say they're a minority, Please open ur eyes and look around, they're everywhere. it's socially accepted you don't see people staring when they walk right by them, because it's the norm, like it or not! and this also supports the second comment. it being the norm and people accepting it - they might not like it - but their not judged as harshly as a non mit7ajba.

about going out in the heat, what does this have to do with an underwear lining showing? would that cool her off?
you can't really defend the act of wearing see-through clothes and blame it on the heat. don't tell me that when clothes stick to your body they cool you off!! non sense.

Aside from all that, if we're not talking about you personally and you do consider them a minority, then you have nothing to worry about :)

plus, I am as well intitled to my own opinion. and when and only when I do say ALL mi7ajbas then you have all the rights to attack me, but the case of the matter is, I saw it far to many times to let it pass as well :)

Take a deep breath, and take it easy. it's a discussion, nothing more, nothing less :)


Delicately Realistic said...

I mentioned in the comment more than once that this was not directed to you, and i understand fully that this is a discussion, why else would i post my opinion here?

Seems ur reading what u want & percieving it the way u want.

I know u didnt say 'all', u said 'most' and i do not agree with that. My eyes are wide open & i have seen enough to judge, not only marina mall. I repeat Marina Mall is not the whole of Kuwait. Had u said, 'most mit7ajbat in a certain age group or social class wear the 7ijab inapropriately' i may have to agree with u. Bs nisaina il7ajiyat ily yamshon ib 3ibehom? Nisaina the majority of the bedouins in Kuwait who wear 3abaya and niqab sometimes? Nisaina banat jam3at ilkuwait ily yro7on koliyat mithil koliyat ilshare3a o ghairha? Or are these not considered mit7ajbat? Wela ilmit7ajba bs ily tshofenha ray7ha o rada titmakh6ar bain gahwa lay gahwa ib Marina mall?
No wonder u dont want to talk about statistics. Cuz they obviously are not in ur favour.

Where in my comment did i make a link between wanting every person to try covering their heads when they go out & between defending wearing tight clothes or see through? Seriously 3abeer? Why do u think i put it in a separate paragraph?

Let me explain to you the purpose of that paragraph.
I only recently discussed the topic of 7jab with a group of women, some religious, some non mit7ajbat who dont believe in 7jab, y3ny a good mixture of views. And we all united on one thing. Tara il7ijab is NOT a nice thing. Its is a drag. It IS athiya. And thats the whole point, God never intended it to be easy to wear 7ijab. 7ijab goes beyond cloth covering a woman's body. 7ijab is about akhlaq. And i agree with u fully, there are some girls who are non mit7ajbat, bs mu7ajabt ib akhlaqhom o libs'hom astar min some mit7jbat! So my whole point was to prove, that mo mt7jbat have it very easy when it comes to dressing, when it comes to certain physical activites, y3ny on more than one level. O ma acahthib 3alaich, as a mit7ajba i sometimes envy that, o agol hhffff astgfor Allah athiya hl i7jab. So really, i think u have no place to judge mit7ajbat o inty mo imjarba. Jarbee o ba3dain ta3alay golay ily togeleena.

As for mo mit7ajbat being judged more harshly. C'mon 3abeer, tara il Kuwait tighayirat waaaaayid, wain kina o waaain 9irna? Yuba il7en ilmara sarat wa7id, swa2in mt7ajba wela la'a.
Itha wa7da mo mit7ajba o libs'ha imratab o imsatar ie. not too revealing 7alha 7al il mit7ajba.
O itha wa7da mit7ajba bes im6al3a irgubat'ha o githlat'ha o labsa tarachy o thayij min fog lay ta7at o imsabga wayiha ib alwan ma2iya, sadgeeeeeeny they will judge her 7alha 7al il mo mit7ajba ily msawya nafs'ha. O min gal its the norm? Wallah ana shayfa the looks ppl give such girls, and they are NOT nice.

You say i dont have anything to worry about. I don't. But as a blogger whos been around for sometime, the word 'mit7ajba' has only ever come up to discuss this same negative view. I am simply showing u the bigger picture so u form the opinion ur so entitled to have on a good basis, basically by viewing all sides of the argument. Because it seems that there are a lot of misconceptions about mit7ajbat, especially since i have met many bloggers, and i got the same reaction from every single one.

Mo nagi9 ila: *Gasp!* The horror! She is mit7ajba!
When i asked "why?"
Everyone said, "Mo layig"

E hatha ily ba3rfa....laish mo layig?

Is 7ijab such a bad thing?
Has being mit7jba in a Muslim Arab country become a taboo thing among some ppl?
How can that be?

And before u reply with a comment similar to the one b4, this is a debate about a very controversial topic, anything I say will come off as strong, so no offence to u, as i am not personally offended by anything u tried to imply earlier.

I hope this comment meets ur standards & is published.


3abeer said...

My dear Delicately Realistic,

I have read ur comment thoroughly and in no way would I understand or take what I want from it and disregard the rest, but it seems like you missed the point I'm trying to make, or maybe I wasn't able to convay my ideas in a more precise manner.

My point was about a majority of an age group, not all age groups. you wouldn't find like you said an old lady or a "7ajiya" wearing tight or revealing clothes, you won't see religious woman whom as you said respect their 7ijab, dressing the way I have previously spoken of. the main idea I'm trying to convey is that 7ijab is a responsibility, it's a reflection of a certain belief and a message that a woman sends by wearing it.

The minority you speak of is growing. I'm not attacking anyone when I say this, as I said I'm stating a fact that they do EXIST, not a fact that ALL mit7ajba's are like that. I have cousins, relatives and friends that are mit7ajba's some dress very conservatively and some don't. I'm not bashing anyone.

I'm discussing a "case" a personal opinion based on personal experiences. Plus I can't speak statistics unless I survey it :) which I can't say I did.
But I observe and see and go through experinces that led me to develop this idea.

I understand that 7ijab is a sacrifice, a sacrifice for a belief! for a cause, it's not easy, no one can deny that, but when someone takes a huge step; just like any big decision in life, they need to stand for it and back it up all the way, otherwise the picture will not be completed, and people like ME will start to wonder!!? is it ok now to dress that way just because flana and flana did it? or should it be done as it's supposed to be, by the book?!

You words are not harsh, it's what you believe and you're entitled to it. Plus you make a valid point.

P.S. I appreciate your politeness and patients, other peolpe would've snapped on me by now :)

again, this is a case, and from this case Most of what I've seen and experiences implied that.

oh, and one more thing, this is not based on " a Marina Mall observation plan", I don't go to Marina Mall that often ;)

Entrepreneur said...

Marina mall on a Wednesday & Thursday night is 90% of Kuwait


My opinion on the whole 7jab issue is that I feel the concept is outdated and shifts the responsibility onto women as opposed to men - who are the cause!

That isn't fair in my books

Delicately Realistic said...


You mentioned nothing of age groups in ur previous comments? It was all about mit7ajbat full stop.

There is no way u can judge that group of mit7ajbat, whom now u agree as being a 'minority' is growing without surveying it. There u go again, making up facts.

Believe my i do know they exist. I like u have little respect for such girls because they are the girls who give 7jab its bad name....

To make this simple, the only point(s) i want to get across are these:

These girls ARE a minority.
They are NOT socially or religiously accepted.
They are not considered BETTER than non mu7ajabat. In some peoples eyes they are worse.

Why do i want u & everyone to know this?
Cuz these girls are ruining it for others who respect the decision they took by wearng 7jab. And causing people like u to make offhanded judgements.

Entre, we are not discussing the concept of 7jab or its religious significance.

Again, thank you 3abeer, I don't think i should outstay my welcome here any longer.

فيزوقراطي said...

Its so clear, 7jab is a must by religion. The questiong is are we accepting or rejecting religion?!?!

3abeer said...


it's a belief, and if they do want to practice religion by the book, it's their decision. I personally need more proof that it's a must. I still think God will judge me on what I do with my life more than how far I'm covered up! that's just me.

Delicately Realistic,

what I said or spoke of was a reply to a comment that was made on a post, I didn't discuss a fully fledged issue of 7ijab. So, I made a point that was precieved from one angle, I saw a certain group and I still insist they're not a minority!! you are the minority darling, the ones that wear it respectfully, as I said before, I may've not converyed my ideas in a more elaborate way. I wasn't trying to offend people who wear respectful 7ijab, but trust me I mean every word I said about the ones that wear 7ijaqb taralali!
Plus 7ijab is all about religious significance, that's what started this discussion.

Anyways, I hope it's clear now, if not I'm up for more :) exchanging ideas is always a good thing as long as no one gets offended :)

BTW, you are always welcome to stay and speak your mind.

it's a free "blog" :)


is everything said and written in religion true? I mean I accept and practice religion. I pray and I fast and I don't hurt people and try to do good, as far as I know! but I'm not wearing 7ijab, would that make me a sinner?
what am I going to be judged by? my exterior look??

Temetwir said...

i wrote this on misscosmo's, saw that she updated so not sure that you'd read it. regardless, i think you owe it to yourself before anyone else to mean what you say/write.

Temetwir said...

tell you what.. you go on ahead and support your "thoughtful" hypothesis with empirical evidence, and we'll pick it up from there. mo tekhebe6 el mas'ala.
sure, you said you 'think' - but then you went on to propose that an "overwhelming majority" en sa7 ilta3beer of 'our population' wear il7ejaab for reasons aside from religion. i personally do not find that intelligent, let alone introspective. but that's just me, and since i don't know you i think i should have the courtesy to respect such a statement slash more of a proposition, as i am certain, enough to hear you out

first however, i want to note:
you specify 90% of our population "use" the 7ejab.. ela nehayat eljomla. so i ask of you kindly to state whether you're talking about "ninety percent" of il met7ajbat, or 90% of females in kuwait?
- im assuming you're referring to kuwaitis only when you say our population .. and not muslims, or ppl from the gulf .. or whoever. correct me if i'm wrong -

i not only think, but actually anticipate that it will be "amusing" to see how you are going to support - if you would - such a claim that basically boils down to the fact (based on your percentage 6ab3an) that only 1 girl of 10 wears il 7ejab for the 'reason of religion'.
if it was an exaggeration, then i personally see it insulting, not even generalising. if it was a sincere estimate, which is what i hope since that is how you present it, then i am obliged to hear you out

that is only required, of course, of your fine self if you expect people to take you seriously and regard what you have to say as the accumulative result of sincere personal thought and belief that cohere with reality, something which you and i both, as i hope, share.
if on the other hand you wish me, for one, to disregard whatever you say and stop holding you accountable to what you write, then i will be just as glad to note you down as 3abeer who spares no chance to write something wherein i will find (a) ridiculous digit(s) as if that magically makes a proposition all the more true and or the writer smarter

3abeer said...


Thanks for making sure I get your comment.
go over the discussion I already had with DR and it might shed some light on your inquiries.
If more elaboration needed, I'll be happy to do so :)

Òrange Juice™ said...

I'd just like to point out that august 21st was the aniversary of Isra and miraj.

فيزوقراطي said...

Dear 3abeer,

Trust me i sin alot, and i'm not trying to be da3eya or whatever, i aslo dont force niether my future wife or my doughter to wear 7jab.
However the answer to ur question unfortunalty is YES.

We accept the religion as it came from GOD, we are not GODs.

Maybe we can be GODs if we start our new religion, but i don't think its fair for that GOD to change or edit his religion. ;)

Mama Fusla said...

-Many Mit7ajbaz wear 7ijab for unlawful intentions:
ex. diversion or social status
-Marina Mall is not Kuwait and definetly not on the weekend. If you want a real survey, visit a school, a co-op or a state department.
-There is no need to get defensive about i7jab, 7jab is a symbol for something, without the woman that wears it, its only a piece of cloth!

I personally am disgrunted by the sexy mit7ajbaz who stare at me in my cargos & T-shirt and pony tail and give me the[You're incomplete] Look!
I understand where 3abeer is coming from

Mama Fusla said...

with attempts of political correctness aside..

-Marina Mall is not 90% of Kuwait, for more accurate survey visit co-ops, clinics, schools and state departments.
-A big number of women use 7ijab for social status and diversion if not escapegoating their social deviances
-Even though this might be a personal matter to some of you but to the rest of us, its a general one specially that it has created biases and work problems to in some cases the one that wear ir or the ones that don't!

I'm personally disgrunted buy the sexy 7ijabd ladies who stare at me from my flipflops up to my cargos, T-shirt and pony tail and give me the 'You're missing something' Look!

*Something is wrong with this blog, it doesnt post comments but lets try one more time..

3abeer said...

Òrange Juice™ ,

Thanks for pointing that out. Point taken.


No one was talking about "editing" religion, the whole issue was blown out of proportion.
Clearly everyone has their views and I personally think that if you want to take the step of wearing a 7ijab it should resemble a proper one! bas mo akthar. and if anyone chose not to, they shouldn't be given any looks for the way they dress.

Mama Fusla,

I appreciate you going through the trouble of trying to post your comments several times. I'm not sure why this is happening but it seems like your comment made it through and I hear them loud and clear.
I think we are facing the same issue with the " you're incomplete" look. I can't say I'm suffering from it, because hoestly, and as I mentioned before actions speak louder! behaving vs. dressing in a certain way is what it's all about.
I'm not going to go that extra mile and survey this topic for a very simple reason, I don't have to prove anything to anyone, we're all kuwaities and we live in Kuwait and we go out and see what's happneing out there, that's enough proof in my dictionary. I'm not trying to create a new version of religion like I was accused earlier. I'm only stating a FACT, even if for some people it represents 1% or 90%, whatever! if it's happening, it exists " if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then damn it it's a duck!!
there are some mit7ajbas that dress improperly and there are that dress conservativly, same thing with non-mit7ajbas. how they act is a whole different story!

and mama fusla, thanks for understanding where I'm coming from, my flipflops have beed through enough :P

Latifa said...

enterpreneur said, and I quote 'silly outdated concept'.

You speak as if the 7jab is just a fad, a phase that people are currently going through and will soon die down. Darling, it's religion. No matter how you try to reason it out in your mind, the solid fact remains that verses in the Quran (chapter 33 surrat Al-A7zab) tell sayidna mo7amd to tell his wives and his daughters and the woman of the believers to 'bring down over themselves (part) of their outer garments'.

You can't skirt around religion; take from it what sounds good to you and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what disagrees with your lifestyle. In that case, everything you say should be placed under the large and never-ending category of hypocrisy.