Monday, August 28, 2006

Stiff Neck!!

Back ache, neck ache, muscle ache!! I'm aching all over, and there hasn't been a spa I didn't visit! all kinds of massages and NO use!!
I need a good old Chiropractor to fix my problem, but where would I go to find a decent one? there's no chiropractors in kuwait, not that I know of any?!
Well, The doctor of chiropractic (D.C.) pays special attention to the spine, muscles, nerves, circulatory and skeletal systems to relieve pain, illness and injury by manipulation of the joints. and treating neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions such as disc or injury conditions to the back and neck.
In the U.S. they depend on chiropractors to help them maintain their health through proper diagnosis and treatment. Why can't we have the same??
I've been dealing with neck pain for the past 7 months. I tried everything from changing my pillow to intense massage therapies to meditating. nothing seems to be working for me.

With my stressful lifesyles and work load no wonder I suffer from a stiff neck!!

Do you know of any chiropractor?


3baid said...

Did you try changing your mattress or bed? Some people find sleeping on the floor useful. Also investigate your chairs and couches because slouching can also cause aches.

rayboy said...

I dont know where you get a chiropractor? .. But there is this place i used to go to for go relaxing massages... i think they have a website...

3abeer said...


I changed my mattress not a long while ago, I think it's stress.


I will check them out. Thanks :)

The Don ® said...

if you get to find a good chiropractor, please drop me a line..

3abeer said...

the don,

you betchya!

the search is on..

Fuzzy said...

just came from Dubai, visited a D.C over there.

in Kuwait the best Pysiotherapy center is Fawzia Alsultan Rehabitilation Center, Located in Hawali, behind Dar Alshifa Hospital, they are the best in town, believe me.

o salamaat

3abeer said...


I'll visit them soon. thank you so much for the recommendation, and I'll let you know if it works :)

thanks a bunch.

Her said...

I'm sorry I don't know any in Kuwait. But if your problem persists, I advice you to give it a try in France, they have one of the best health system & doctors in the world

Entrepreneur said...

I know of a chiropractor here in Kuwait, they are different from your regular physiotherapy doctors. not to be confused!

I shall get details posted asap

3abeer said...


Yes, I head alot about France, but only for plastic surgery and Aesthetics :)


I'll be waiting :)

Thank you.

qinpi said...

try this:

Entrepreneur said...


I believe the Chiropractor is Lebanese, works out of Salmiya. Don't have his name unfortunately, but his number is:


Hope it works out!

3abeer said...


Thanks, I will.


Awesome. Thanks alot for your troubles :)

Anonymous said...

looking for a chiropractor myself in quwait, try contacting the

c/o International Clinic

PO Box 6649, Salmiya 22077, KUWAIT

Tel: 965-574-5111 Fax: 965-575-4056

Levon said...


I've been surfing the net trying to find a chiropractor in Kuwait, and I found out that there is one doctor only and his name is Michael, hope this will be helpful, I have sent an email just now asking for an appointment, if any of you has been seeing him, I would really appriciate if you could drop a line about your diagnosis and your treatment experience with him.


M I C said...

fiona said...

hi, its very informative, Back Ache , thanks

Petro.Ops said...

Hi ...
Yes There Is a Chiropractor in Kuwait & he is better than the one I visited in CA 93309 

I am a firm believer in Chiropractors ... and I help my friends and family members snapping/popping there spine and other joints for pain relief however....
If it was a serious case I will take them to visit the Chiropractor Dr here in Kuwait who is working at (al zuhair medical center)
in Salmiya 3 buildings away from AL-Mowasat hospital . Not being a spammer but the following link should be useful to you ….
you can ask about Dr. Tariq (he helped me with my Neck problems and still working on my back)

3abeer said...


Thank you for the information, I will definitely contact them, I hope I find what I'm looking for.
Thanks again !


Great! I will contact him soon.. thanks :)


Thank you and Thanks for the visit :)


Appreciate the information, I'm taking into consideration everyone's input and comments. Dealing with chiropractors is a serious issue and I'm searching for the best option possible.
Thank you again for this information I will check and keep everyone posed :)

Thanks again !

Fawzia said...

Dear Abeer,

wanted to know how are you feeling now & what did you do or go?


Fawzia said...
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Jana Jani said...

Perfect style for removing back pain. Also I have back pain. I want to go chiropractor greenville sc for removing it. If you have another center. Let me know.