Monday, November 20, 2006

Eating is believing ! a recipe blog

I'm a recipe collector, so this is going to be my digital kitchen. posting recipes that I love and some that I recently tried.

I love trying different types of recipes and experimenting with flavors.

This will be my archive for all my recipes because I'm sick of stacking them!
and why not share them with everybody? sharing is caring you know. those recipes come from different sources...famous chefs, places I visited, family recipes, friends and books.

so check it out...

it's a work in progress


cozy said...

Allah ya36ech el 3afya :)

3abeer said...

Allah ye3afeeek

Thank you :)

Fonzy said...

interesting. well i am a single guy living alone and i eat out most of the time and would love to learn some recipes to cook at home. but nothing like the ones u have, too hard to do. If u post anything simple and easy to do, I would appreciate that:) thanks! And good job with the site, I like it:)

3abeer said...


I will be posting some fun and easy recipes I normally resort to when I need a quick and yummy snack or even when I don't have the time or energy to cook something that needs alot of prep.

so count on new easy recipes to come, and thank you for your sweet commment :)

Stinni said...

Oooooooh, my type of blog. I'll be sure to bookmark it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh woooooow THAT'S sounds GREAT !!!!

I love trying different types of recipes and experimenting with flavors.

typically the same Type i had :P LOL !!

if u got new different recipes in Vegi SALADs i would be glad having it .. :)))

3abeer said...


Thank you and welcome :)

just bare with me while I load all the recipes that need to be there.

I kid you not, I have around 4,000 recipes :)

once again, thanks for dropping by and keep coming back ;)


I'm already taking notes on what people would like to have on there, and I'm a salad lover, so you will see alot of veggie salads.. all I need is a little bit of time :)

thanks for participating ;)

Heroine said...

Abeer !

I couldn't find your email to email you the survey :(

Can you help?

cosimfree911 said...

hey very nice idea i love it 7adee ye3at lamaa shefta al blog bs wain can we try this food ;)

3abeer said...


I couldn't get to your blog for some reason..

my email is

sorry for the inconvenience sweets :)

3abeer said...


fi baitna :P

7ayach ;)