Wednesday, November 22, 2006

إلى متى ؟؟

When will this end? is it going to slip back into a civil war?
I was optimistic in seeing the birth of a new Lebanese national identity! I don't want to lose hope .. not now!


Fonzy said...

whenever we think its over, something like this just has to happen.

neelaah said...

اعتقد اكثر الناس حزنا
و ارتباطا مع ما يحدث في لبنان
اهم الكويتين

انا امس وايد تأثرت
وانتابني ذات القلق

نريد لبنان للفرح و الكرم
نريد لبنان فيروز و الجبل

و لا نريد لبنان الحرب

انشالله ما تصير

3abeer said...


it's an unfortunate thing :(


قلبي يعورني على لبنان!! أعشقها وأحب أهلها... وأحس إنها بلدي الثاني

Anonymous said...


mAY gOD protect this enitre Lovely Country :( ..

am really worried & anger about what goin on there !!!

it's very bad News and signs so on !! ://

allah el 7afith !! What can we do except praying !! :(

Alia said...

OMG .. I still can't believe it's you ..

& we're writing about the same subject too??

أهم ما في الموضوع ان سوريا تدين الاغتيال .. هذي نكتة الموسم

3abeer said...


ee walla .. Allah Yaster :(

3abeer said...


LOL, adree inni ga6ait-ha 3ala el barrad!! bas madree 7asabt tadreen, bilthat 3ogob mawthoo3 el childhood songs :)

3omoman atmana enha mofaja-a sa3eeda ;)

laykoon mo sa3eeda :P

3ala el 3omoom ...sa3eeeda mbarak yakhti

Alia said...


before I knew your real identity, I really liked the way you think & the fact that we're at the same page in almost all subjects

so to know that this blogger is you is a definatelly mofaja2a sa3eeda

3abeer said...


ya ba3ad 3omri wallah :*

isn't it interesting how someone gets to know another by sharing thoughts, ideas and simply talking without knowing their true identity, gives you a whole different perspective on them.

One thing I loved about this, is even with time and our childhood together, I never knew those little things about you that you talked about in your blog.
and now that I do know them makes me admire you even more ;)

luv ya.

Shurouq said...

Quelle surprise!

e I thought that pink t-shirt looked familiar :P

والله یحفظ لبنان

3abeer said...

shurouq darling ;)

.. and I thought I was disguising myself.
Pink just gives me away doesn't it?!


ZiZoTiMe said...

Don't worry... They won't stop!!

3abeer said...


well, now I'm worried :(

I want to go to lebanon.... enough already !

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

don't lose hope 3abeer

3abeer said...

l's brain,

All we have right now is hope.
Hoping that this tragedy will end. I haven't lost that yet :) Thanks