Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rain ... a must ... maybe one day ...

Asian Fusion Restaurant

Chef Guy Rubino - Co-owner and Head Chef

All dishes are inspired by traditional Asian cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese, Veitnamese, Korean and others.


Dr.Lost said...

i love the design... :)) very creative seriously :)

skunk said...

i watch them all the time on bbc food :P

definately gotta eat there one day.

as well as the fat duck and el bulli :D

the only other place on my list might be that vietnamese bar with a shooting gallery tony bordain went to :P

mosan mosan said...

xlant very nice and very inviting

3abeer said...

dr. lost,

The Rubino brothers manage this restaurant .. them being creative is an understatement ;)


do you know the name of that restaurant?

mosan mosan,

I totally agree :)

cosimfree911 said...

wow walaaah great place

yalaa metaa anroo7 nakel feah ;)

3abeer said...


mino? shino??! laish? where? when?

Alia said...

love the designe, but not that into Asian food

I prefer Italian

Alia said...

oh & the hanging chairs on the last pictures .. i looooooooove them

3abeer said...


isn't it incredible? I love the interior so much. and this guy is serious about food!! I mean SERIOUS! ... sorry ur not big on Asian.
I'm an italian lover as well.. not just the food..if you get my drift :P

Alia said...

got you babe :**
I mean who doesn't??

Dr.Lost said...

ummmmm... what?????? i said i loved the design!! ;pp whatever... :pppp

neelaah said...


بالله انا وين اروح تورنتو

سوي ريكومديشن على شي قريب

حريتني شكله قاااااااااااااتل
بس اكيد ما راح اروح

ما كو شي بالفروانيه؟

ana-alia said...

pics are wonderful!

3abeer said...



dr. lost,

the design loves you back :P


ماعندي فكره عن الفروانيه ستيت.. كان ودي أساعدج



first time visit to my blog dear :) welcome welcome ..
glad you like it..

Equalizer said...

I think the design is too "normal" for my taste. Nothing special at all. The food however, even though I haven't tried it appears to be very good as demonstrated on BBC Food. I think it has to be more warm and intimate, to be able to focus on the food more.

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

I'm a sucker for asian food, would love to check it out sometime ..

3abeer said...


I can't argue about the design simply because we have different tastes, I like it, it's contemporary.

So, will you be paying them a visit soon? if so.. please do share the experience. ;)

chica bonita q8,

same here :)

ren_crow said...

Those are some nice interiors. Very minimalistic.

3abeer said...


wish there were more similar restaurants, or even close to it in Kuwait. Don't you ?