Sunday, December 10, 2006

What have I gotten myself into !


Delicately Realistic said...

DR = loves getting herself in sticky situations.
She wouldnt be DR if she didnt :)

Dr.Lost said...

what did you do now 3abeer?

neelaah said...

I totally agree

3abeer said...


I know what you mean!!





Purgatory said...

each time you comment on my posts, I recognize the name, but I always forget who you are until I come to this blog, your different blog name and nick name confuses me!

3abeer said...


you'll get used to it dear ;)

Dr.Lost said...

odd.. i thought i left you another comment, now its gone.. or maybe that was in my head? anyways i cant remember what i said.. but ijust wanna ask why women love livin mysterious lives? tell us what you did woman ! ;pp fine dont tell me.. i dont wanna know anymore :(

l's b said...

it's me :D
3abora! I agree! legs alone can do wonders!! :P

*whispers* what did u do this time?*

3abeer said...


lol...temper temper sweets..

"but i just wanna ask why women love livin mysterious lives?"
....well, I can't speak for all women, in my case, I don't think I' being mysterious at all.. you have my name right there !!! what is it that you want to know? I can't just volunteer information unless I'm doing one of those tags ;P

so deal with it :P

l's b,

I did something bery bery bad :P

Fonzy said...

ok now i really really want to know!:P whatever it is, it will pass and u will go on and forget about it

3abeer said...



Perfect Stranger said...

HeyyY! I have that same skirt! :P

Alia said...

3abbouuuuuuur .. شنو مهببة؟؟

ويا ربي .. حكم .. حكم

NuNu™ said...

Off Topic:
Hey cousin ;)

PS; I'm surprised as you are.. Really!!

3abeer said...

perfect stranger,

I do too ;)

3abeer said...


أييي والله حكم .. حكيييمه وبتدي حقن



hey right back at ya ;)

P.S.(ham, right back at ya :P) alia el na7eesa(shwaya mo wayed) mo rathya tgooli mino elli ye9eeronli ( walla fashla enni clueless) now I know you're one of them ... inzain darling.. mino intay ?? enlighten me please :)
mashalla 3ala el family el mofakakah ;P

Papillona ® said...

mofakkaka ow bas? lol

I'm another one ;-)

Oh and I liked your secret. Don't forget to send me your Jan.secret.

Happy New Year

3abeer said...


Happy new year to you too...
another relative? Mashalla... (howa ana 3ereft el awalaniya 3ala shan a3raf el tanyah?) :P

yala golooli into meeeen? ...