Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Day...

Today is my day: December 16

My horoscope says:

"A series of local errands keeps you busy this morning. You are kind and
positive, always affirming the positive. You do so much for other people that
they may want to reciprocate. If you have particular desires, you had better
speak up. It is possible for you to say no to some of the plans, especially if
you express the desire to just enjoy the company of the people you love.
However, a fun day is ahead and the more you become available, the better. After
the day is over, just when you think things will quiet down, more things occur
that endear you to others--or visa versa. Any relationship that may have
suffered in the past can be healed now. Continue the cycle of giving today by
extending the hand of friendship--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"


looking forward to... CAKE!

To H: I'm waiting for my Prada Purse!


Delicately Realistic said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart!
Sagitarrius's rock!

3abeer said...

Thank you... you're such a darling

Gemini's Rock too ;)
both my brother and my sister are Gemini

3baid said...

Happy Birthday :)

3abeer said...


Thank you :)

Ali said...

happy birthday
you know we are two day apart ... i had my birthday on the 14th

fonzy said...

happy birthday!! :) wish u all the best and a fruitful new year! :)

DiiGMaa said...

Happy Birthday sunshine..
wish you the best and many more to come ;)

3abeer said...


isn't it great to be a sagittarian? and thanks dear ;)
oh and Happy Birthday to you too :)


Thank you ;) like wise.


Thanks sweets :**

phoenix said...

Happy belated Birthday!!

3abeer said...


Thank you dear :)

error said...

happy birthday belated!

kila ma6goog said...

Khappy birthday:)

how old?

wrong Question

Dr.Lost said...

happy bday :))

3abeer said...


Thanks ;)

kila ma6goog,

Old enough to know, bas young enough to find out ;P


merci.. merci ;)

and congrats on being able to comment on beta :P

mishari said...

kel 3am o ente bkheer:)

neelaah said...

My sweet Freind


عساج كل سنه احلى
وكل سنه روحج اصغر
و كل سنه و انتي اجمل

وينولج كل اللي ببالج

اسفه على التأخير
قلة ادب مني

3abeer said...


wenta bkhair, merci 3a zo'ak :)


يا حياتي والله يا نييييله الجميله
مشكوره يا حب على كلماتج الرقيقه وبالعكس .. لا تأخير ولا شي

أنا يبدي عيدميلادي يوم 16 وينتهي مع بداية السنه الجديده .. شسوي أحب أمط هاليوم .. كيفي.... مو صح كيفي؟؟


cozy said...

sorry ta'akhart bs enshallah el 3omor kela o kel 3am wentay eb alf khair did u have party or what :)?

3abeer said...


Thank you so muc :)

I had a little get together nothing fancy ;)

Dr.Lost said...

now ur bday is over so we demand a new post woman !

3abeer said...


my bday is never over until I recieve all gifts :P

G.Q.™ said...

I fedexed the latest Prada purse. You haven't received it yet???

3abeer said...


I recieved your "cyber" prada bag just last night... merci ;)

oh.. and merci to Hind too for the actualy thing :)

Flamingoliya said...

kel 3am wentay eb khair! :)

3abeer said...


Merci ya 7ayati... good to see you ;)