Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NO to Resolutions .. YES to Taking Charge of my life !

Since the end of last year 2010, I made a promise to my self, never to make resolutions for the new year. Especially ones that I can't keep or procrastinate in doing! 

So many years have passed and I keep doing the same old thing, making promises to myself and never deliver! I owe it to ME to stick to my word! I have no interest in disappointing myself anymore..
I have decided that change should not be planned and put on a To-Do check list, in fact it should be put to action right then and there! 
Through out the years most of my resolutions do not see light and end up being carried over to the new coming year resolutions list. I think that's just sad! I either couldn't afford to do them and got distracted, or I was simply too lazy!! What ever the reason was, I'm not going to make excuses for not practicing more self discipline! 

PROCRASTINATION.. !! I already filed for divorce! I'm divorcing your a$$, I don't want to make promises I can't keep to myself, I don't want to be hard on my self either.. I'm not going to delay, postpone or even cancel my decisions any more. ACTION is my new best friend!

Taking charge is great, but it's a heavy load with lots of obstacles and difficulties. I can do it.. I know I can, I believe I can.



A promise is a promise, and I promised myself to take charge..

Beginning .. 


This is Day #1 of practicing Self Discipline. 


Touché said...

What started as a no resolution theme ended up with jump starting it with a resolution promise :)

In many ways all we need sometimes is a little tweaking to dust of the rust, new names and wording could actually give the impression of a new perspective and fuel us with the desire to initiate the first step.

Good luck on your mission.

3abeer said...

You're probably right..
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck!

A promise, a resolution, a pact.. it's the same thing..

I'm only hoping I keep at it :)