Friday, September 15, 2006

Cool ads.



I love this organization.. and I don't care if this is considered a promotion, because I think good work shouldn't be left unnoticed...

Some of the advertisements I like for evian water.
Evian's dynamic brand has become synonymous with balance and well-being. The name Evian comes from the Celtic word "Evua" or "ew" meaning water. Also present in the name is "eve" "vie" and "via".

Evian was only sold in pharmacies until 1960


Quote of the day...

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

--Lou Holtz


Delicately Realistic said...

I like.

mosan mosan said...

I like there adds very much they are fresh espacialy the one in the tub

Transparently II said...

Creative and refreshing, the post, the pictures, and the water.

The word verification for this comment is yshowge (yshoweg?) lol.. *sigh* Randomness can create such innovation.

i_live_in_Q8 said...

wow! those were very intresting adds!!!.. Loved most of them!!..

and about the wisdom of the day..
or quote whatso ever :/

Its all about Attitude!!!...

Love your blog!!


cosimfree911 said...

wow great adds wayed e3jeboony walaah 7ady 3a6shaan al7ean

nice one walaah oo hope to see more

3abeer said...

Delicately Realistic,

Glad :)

mosan mosan,

My two most favorites are the tub and the mermaid

Transparently II,

how interesting :):)
there are more older advertisements for evian but those are; in my opinion the best :)


Thanks for your sweet comment, and yes IT IS all about ATTITUDE :)


I felt the same way when I was putting together this post :)
Good thing that I had a bottle of evian right next to me.

Fallen Angel said...

I love evian water. Seriously, they really taste different than regular water :)

Jitterbug said...

Noice ads... ABout your quote at the end, I gotta remind (and thus motivate) you to jot down those goals :P

Yea yea I know, right back at me!!?!!

3abeer said...

fallen angel,

I think so too :)


hehehehe I made a note of it to actually get them done this past weekend, but something came up and I couldn't so I decided to post the ads :P
I'll get to them soon... promise :)

Dr.Lost said...

LOVED the third one.. :) nice..

Fuzzy said...

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing :)

that what make us pay for a bottle of Evian more than we pay for OIL !

3abeer said...


I like'em all, but the mermaid seems to stand out


So true!!! it's all about perception

kila ma6goog said...

على فكرة

ايفيان و فولفك نفس الشركة

let them eat cake! said...

isn't it great to see adds that are simple, dont have flourescent lettering all over them or very very ugly bald men screaming ( that stupid car add that was in every paper this summer. nissan?not too sure) i jsut wish that our culture would "Get" real advertising.. i wish they understood things simply.. instead of having to have everything explained to them.. our market isnt intellegent enough to handle simple ads unfortunately..
other great ads are the kohler tile and wc ads, kravet material ads, and also those subliminal show ads for stuart weitzman, where you have to find the shoe..

let them eat cake! said...
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3abeer said...

kila ma6goog,

I didn't know that, thanks for the info :)

let them eat cake,

what you said is so ture, our sociaty has not been exposed to proper marketing and advertisin.

although we have seen beautiful new and up coming advertising and marketing agencies in Kuwait..

it's just that they are stuggling with shifting the old minds of our companies here in kuwait and trying to convince them that in order to get proper ads you need to pay.

they say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys and that's true when it comes to organizations and their marketing campaigns, they simply don't want to pay, and marketing is costly..

they use old methods, non existant in the new world..and people don't know any better!
I'm hoping things will change.

I'm not promoting this or anything but I like one specific company.. they are REALLy great in Kuwait they're called elboutique and they're a new up coming hip, very edgy organization.. check out my new post. :)

by the way, you have posted your comment twice, that's why I deleted the other copy :)