Friday, December 22, 2006

Face from Space!

Talk about taking that extra step in advertising!!!

The new KFC logo is visible from outer space. laid out at 87,500 square feet using tiles, , this all new logo spot the colonel wearing an apron.
The giant Colonel Sanders logo was built off The World’s Only Extraterrestrial Highway in Rachel, Nevada, also known as the “UFO Capital of the World,” Area 51, and the epicenter of inter-galactic communication.

It took a team of nearly 50 designers, engineers, scientists (including astrophysicists), architects and other professionals working nearly three months to conceive, create and execute building the world’s largest logo. It took more than 3,000 hours to create from inception to launch and was built by Synergy, a leading event company.

The logo consists of 65,000 one-foot by one-foot painted tile pieces that were assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle: 6,000 red, 14,000 white, 12,000 eggshell, 5,000 beige and 28,000 black. Taking 24 days, working around-the-clock, to manufacture and ultimately produce. It then took six days on site to construct the logo, during which time the logo design pieces were kept hidden and under cover from identified and unidentified flying objects!

أهل فيلكا ما خلو شي


Twix said...

dumb... then again its sort of cool

neelaah said...

شلون يقولون ربعنا
في المباني
انهم يبون يدشون جنيس
على اكبر اعلان
و اللي على ما اعتقد انهم راح يحطونه على سطح
ذا افنيو
جنه هذا اكبر

3abeer said...


it caught attention.. that's advertising for ya ;)

neelaah darling,

بكره نقف جنب الحيطه ونسمع الزيييطه


phoenix said...

Smart Advertisment, but bad Restraunt..

3abeer said...


I totally agree, the restaurant "if that's what you can call it" is trash.. but look how far they went to get their name out there (pun intended)


NuNu™ said...

WOW!! 3ad I'm not a KFC fan
Bes amazing idea ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

so you think aliens will drop by now to check out KFC? should be a good idea for capturing them since they'll get food poisin =/ .. hate KFC ={

Ghasheema said...

KFC are desparate wallah....

but hey its NICE :D

Do you think I can find it on google earth?

Great post always

3abeer said...


I'm not a KFC fan either.. but they took that extra step :)


well as far as I know KFC is not very appealing to Humans so it might be a huge success with aliens :P


yes you can. those images are from google earth... merci ;**