Thursday, January 25, 2007

Adventures in another cooking show

I think we established the fact that I'm into culinary arts and gastronomy, which makes me get drawn to Tv shows that resembles a kitchen and food in any way.
So my recent obsession is

Based on the memoir of chef Anthony Bourdain, it capture the insanity that goes on out of the customer's sight, in the Kitchen of a top restaurant. In one episode; on Nolita's opening night, a worker's fingertip goes missing, and a food critic gets seated next to a bathroom door!

I'm loving it.. it's very funny.

Review ( link)


Ali said...

OMG ... a show about people in a restaurant's kitchen ... i will TRY to watch it ... no promises that i'll like it hehehehe

error said...

Yes clearly

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

am gonna watch it. thanx for the review :*

3abeer said...


let me know what ya think ;)




pleasure sugaa ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

TV series? about kitchen? and food?? this is suicide =/

3abeer said...


agoolich addictive!!!!

3omriWallah said...

i Love cooking shows and anyone who watches them...

3omriwallah said...

see, you hung up for no good reason ! :P

3abeer said...

so you must love a whole lot of people ;)

3abeer said...

I'm hung up on that show for sure ;)

nEo said...

weird !

3abeer said...


what's weird?

Dr.Lost said...

i saw a show u would love to death, about chefs.. ill ask what its called and get back to u..

phoenix said...

I like it too! It's a cool show..

3abeer said...


I think you're talking about Hell's Kitchen..


so cool :)

cosimfree911 said...

3abeer hey how r u ;)

well i saw this show its looks funny
walaa 3ad anaa i love cooking and shows about cooking
the best 2 tv channels BBC food oo the new one fatafeat you shopuld watch them ;)
have fun

3abeer said...


hello..hello.. how are you :)

I do watch both channels.. but I enjoy fatafeat more cause they put Nigella Lawson's show more often and Emeril Lagasse's show too ;)

Alia said...

OMG .. it's me & hubby's recent obsession too ... they're hilarious

& Hell's Kitchen .. is like hell
آنا لو منهم شان من زمان طاقته بنعال وطالعه .. حسَر فيهم الكلب
بس أشوه في النهاية فاز رفيجي

3abeer said...

Alia darling,

أنا كنت متوقعه البوتمبه رالف يفــوز .. شفتيه شلون نحيـــس؟؟ بس بالنهايه ثبتت الرؤيا وفاز مايكل بو 600 تاتووو

nEo said...


this kitchen thing ,, i dont know ,, i feel its more girly show :/



3abeer said...


believe me it's sooo not girly.. watch one episode and tell me what u think :)

Ghasheema said...

I really dont like reality shows

but if its involves food and ppl then it should be good :)

thanks for bringing it up girl :D

3abeer said...


well .. it's not exactly a reality show.. nothing like hell's kitchen.
This one is a series.. and ver addictive I might add :)

nEo said...


hell's kitchen

thats another reason i didnt like the idea , i hate that show :/

but i ll take your advise and i ll watch one episode

and by the way ,,,

try ROME

its fantastic also

although its different theme :/

but its the biggest production ever for tv series !!

3abeer said...

I heard great reviews about ROME..but where is it showing?

Alia said...

3abbour ... that's exacetly what sis (N) thought about the fat guy .. & he's indeed sooooooooo mean

& check email

3abeer said...

3aliya love,

I guess everyone thought the same thing.. even (H) did...

نهبل وإحنا نقط حــروف أسامي الفاميليا

and I did check the email... ba3ad chabdi wallah... :**

thanks a bunch ;)

3abeer said...


I'm gonna get the first season of ROME soon.. from a very near and dear person to my heart ;)

I'll watch it and tell ya what I think of it.

Zed said...

i love this and food, a guys dream

nEo said...


its good one ,,
and you pay when the DVDs arrive !

3abeer said...


you can't say it's not a girl's dream as well :P


I tried it a year ago, but I found their copies to be below standards..
well anyways.. I'm not so big on copies.

but thanks anyways ;)

Zed said...

you are right 3abeer, but i'm self centered.. i only thought about it my way heheh...

ZiZoTiMe said...

Strange!! Never heard of it!!

Hmmm sure i'll try to watch some episodes of it.. Maybe i'll love it too :)

Thanx ;)

3abeer said...




pleasure.. good seeing you ;)

skunk said...

it is a pretty cool show. the only thing i dont like is how its been all prettied up hollywood style.

i've worked in a kitchen so i know :P and if youve ever seen gordon ramseys documentary thats pretty much as real as it gets.

i do love anthony bourdains a cooks tour and no reservations on the cooking and food channels :P

its the only thing on tv that i actually schedule myself to watch :P

3abeer said...


long time no see :)

you're right it is prettied up like you said, at the end of the day it's a comedy and hollywoodish ;)

anthony bourdain is amazing I'm a fan too..

BBCfood and fatafeat.. that's all I watch :) wished we had food netwook like back in the states.. it was amazing.