Monday, February 05, 2007


I was on a Bike hunt!!..been looking for a decent bike for the longest time, and I finely managed to find one..yaaay! my new 2007 trek 3500.
but the weather is not being very friendly lately, and I'm recovering from bronchitis..! can it get any worse??
Mother nature.. please have mercy!!.. enough with all the dust!! .. I make believe it's only fog! delusional .. aren't I?!

on a more interesting note...

Heard of the term Metrosexual ?!

man of any sexual orientation (usually heterosexual) who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great amount of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. He has a sense of fashion and a taste for culture, who loves to shop and look good. Do you know anyone like that? I do ..hehe

I googled it.. and my favorite description was... " it cracked me up..hehehe"

"The typical metrosexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis — because that's where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are. He might be officially gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference. Particular professions, such as modeling, waiting tables, media, pop music and, nowadays, sport, seem to attract them but, truth be told, like male vanity products and herpes, they're pretty much everywhere.
—Mark Simpson, "Meet the metrosexual,", July 22, 2002

is it ok to have icecream when you have bronchitis??..if not.. what do you do with such a craving ?!

Bored..bored..bored... enough with the bed rest!!! I'm hyper by nature and this bed rest thing is KILLING me.

oh.. and one more thing... color me sick
Note: Alia.. Rome was very helpful.. merci darling
.. and a little thank you note for a certain blogger (you know who you are) thanks for your sweet gesture and offer for help.. it did help.


Spontaneousnessity said...

hey sukarpie =} feeling better? oh and the bike you should have gotten 2 months ago the weather was awesome for such sport.. I think.. what do I know =P

the metro thing, sounds like one hell of a deal, wanna hook a sister up? =P


Alia said...

ha ha ha .. I love the title
original khalis

bike hunt ha??? hubby fixed our biked a while ago, but Ive ben busy these past three months, & couldn't go on a ride since then, so it's good that the weather isn't helping .. عشان ما أتحسف
I may be able to re-ride my bike in two weeks .. hope the weather treats me good though

Metrosexual ... I know so many, & bloggers too

Ice cream?? honey I only crave ice creams/chocolate/ ice cold drinks when i'm sick .. it's very ok .. but in your case .. you have to wait a little bit, you don't want that damn bronchitis to come back?? do you??!!!

Welcome dear ... so how was it?
I'm watching weeds nowadays, it's a good show .. أنصحج فيه

3abeer said...

يا حيالله الفاميييليا


I'm a little bettah..sanks ;) and will go biking once zi wezer decides to calm down and ease up on us.
as for the metro.. 3ala golat samir ghanim: ya rait tishoof 7ad yideenah.. " el 7aaal min ba3ddo ya okhtee.. ana kaman badawar.. teegee neegee nroo7 nidawar? :P"

Alia luv,

Rome is addictive.. and weeds is one of my favorite shows too... it is a good show.. :P

and no I don't want "bronchitisoooo" to come back.. ana ma 9adagt "almost" eftakait minaaah!! :)

eshda3wa said...

Metrosexual, not good for a girl! so damn hard to keep up with!

i thought icecream was the cure for all evil, and chocolate is gods gift from heaven, but wat do i know ;)

hope u feel better!

kila ma6goog said...

khoosh gary

bas wen tsooogena?

error said...

so your related to shuruoq?

"dethaara" comes at no surprise

Delicately Realistic said...

Weee ma tshofen shar 7abebti :*
Get well sooooon!

Spontaneousnessity said...

lol thakarteeny eb samir ghanim hehe enta 3awez ok, ana 3awez ok! ya ret tshoof 7ad yedeena o nenhey el moshkela, ana been on a break for so long, I think I got used to it, I will probably ruin it so I'll just watch and see what happens with you =P hehe

3abeer said...


welcome to my blog.. make urself at home :P
metrosexual... no worries.. I'll manage.

and yes icecream is the cure for evils except when you have bronchitis.. then ur screwed !
.. and thanks for dropping by.

kila mkafkheena,

ee walla .. khosh gari.. asooga wain ma abi...

sij.. sij.. sij.. rayh London bidoon visa??!! welcome home.. too soon :P "7ag el shemata ya sa3ad"


in my case.. an as far as I was told .. it's dethawa...
and what's eating you ?!!

3abeer said...


Thanks darling.. good seeing you :**


did you mean bike? cause you sorta lost me on the last sentence of yours... are high woman?!


nEo said...

The typical metrosexual


nice post :)

3abeer said...


so are you a metrosexual? :)

nEo said...


trust me , i am far far away from that


Transparently said...

Salamaaat o matshofen shar, I'm sure ice cream would probably not be your best choice, but if you have a crazy buy is.. keep it, then when you're better, take it all down =P

I like that bike, where did you buy it from?

As for meterosexual, Ya I know a few ppl like that, I know 100% i'm not but it is quite interesting, well these people are.

3abeer said...


I'll take your word for it ;)


Allah yesalmek .. merci :)

I'm much better now and I'm going to pay a visit today to my favorite ice cream place and get my favorite pomogrenate icecream.. I know.. weird ha? :P

I got my bike from extreme bikes.. it's the ultimate toy store for bikers :P

Fonzy said...

hope u get better :) salamat. as for the question, i usually eat ice cream when my thorat hurts, it helps. but bronchitis, i dont think u shud. i just got rid of it a few weeks ago. give it time

3abeer said...


Allah yesalmek, I'm much better now.. thanks ;)

Transparently said...

Pomegranate icecream? Mm.. it probably tastes like cheery doesnt it? And yes that is weird :P

3abeer said...


Pomegranate icecream tastes like POMEGRANATE!! Duh :P

I have an eccentric taste ;)

Dr.Lost said...

hmmm.... hope ur feelin better now babe.. :)

3abeer said...


Much better.. thanks darling ;)

Transparently said...

I should have thought about that :P Duh indeed hehe. Eccentric taste! Thats quite dangerous.

3abeer said...


could be ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

ta3 hathey!!!

yaya etzefeeny eb bloggy 3ashan mo 7ata new post?! ana gelt al7een enty embad3a bel new post!! postay 3ashan ana I post aho!

(Sponty raf3a chmoomha wemrab3a eed-ha o tapping her foot wetnafekh) heffff..

*that's nothing, I once carried signs in peoples blogs demanding new posts, entay 3ashan family emqadra thoroofech..

wa shukran

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I LOVE BIKING!!! I bought mine 3 years ago!! it's Gary Fishr 2003! the more u ride bikes the more u love them and the more u love them the more u ride them. :P no pun intended

oh and salamat albek men el bronchitis :*

:)I loved ur 3abeeriyat! so tslam eayady

3abeer said...

Sponty wonty,

ya maaami... khara3teeni..!
wi ba3dain la7tha la7tha la7tha.. ana kent mareetha.. wi eeeee!! yendi thorouf! intay ballah!! sh3endich?? heeffff

wa 3afwan


Allah yesalmech 7abeebti ;**

yalla get your bike.. let's go riding :)