Thursday, February 15, 2007


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ee kaifi..

5 things I hate about the month of Feb.

5- cause it's stupid
4- it's the second month of the year (yes.. that's a reason)
3- I usually get the flu during Feb. and it's standing in the way of Spring!
2- Valentine's!! need I say more?!

and the number ONE reason I hate February is.....(drum role)...

1- Hala Febrier (february)

إزعــاج ... زحمه... شوارع مسكره... هيلق...هرنـــات...تكاسي ... ملاقه...السوق كله ستوكات ... ماكو مواقف للسيارات... السينما دايما حشرة يهال وخدم... !!هفففف

بس خلاص!!! إنثبرت بالبيت
My latest addition.. a recipe blog in arabic.. because..
here it is..


Anonymous said...

My birthday is on february!

Bes i understand where your coming from

Kho9oo9aaan Halla february il FaaasHillll! Gijjjjjjjj

Delicately Realistic said...

Reason # 2 is reason enough.
Hfff 24hrs have passed and im still bitter.

BLaSha said...

u need one big hug :)

3abeer said...

blue dress,

well, didn't mean to offend you.. and happy birthday :P


don't be bitter! just make it moderate hate :P


oohhhhh .. thanks.. ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

yesterday I went out with my cousin, we didn't get what was the halaga in the streets!! we found out today it was hala feb, all the saudi cars and the blech and the ya3 and the ew and the we3 and the gross gross gross were aaalllll there.. la3at chboodna, now we know we're not going anywhere until mid march ={

3abeer said...

Sponty wonty,

ana gayla el 6al3a ma teswa... I warned you ..

وقد أعذر من بعجر

قصدي من أنذر


Transparently said...

I like looking at things from a positive view, my bday is in feb, we get quite a few vacations 25-27. Its only 28 days (most of the time), and the weather (when its not sandy, windy, too cold) is great.. err.

About Hala feb, I totally agree, it sucks to no end hehe.

3abeer said...


Happy Birthday..

the thing is you cannot enjoy this little holiday because of all the fuss !

so my issue with feb remains :P

Papillona ® said...

ib sara7a ta2azamt ams, but now I'm fine :-)

Chill girl, il ayyam tarkith

3abeer said...


Glad you're better

and I'm doing just that..chillin'

merci :)

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

EEE walaaah! KEEEFHAAA! yooh!

LOL the picture made my day thank you! the fishnet tight is killing me! and the different sizes boobies? KILLERS! looool

and I KNOW!!! did u see them on tv? jeez o pete! I thought people stopped doing that!!! on streets, running with foams, chasing the cameraman! lol did u see elzankawee? no comment

Ali said...


you made my day

3abeer said...

L's darling,

merci 3al support ;)

I didn't see them on tv, I was about to experience it first hand and I ran home for cover :P
and if I had seen tv or went through their crap ..then... killing myself would've been on my list of to do's ..hehe



gald to have done so :P

Fonzy said...

i always wondered why i hated february. now i know :) hala fabrayer is really bad!

3abeer said...


they shoudlcall it hala hell!

Dr.Lost said...

lool i hate hala febriar.. its pathetic, faaaaashil, and pointless.. :(

error said...

I like cotton

No3iK said...

well i love it :p
my birthday is in it
and valentines is a goood thing btw
i font know whats wrong ???
but those are some convincing reasons u gave there.

3abeer said...




kaifik :P


good for you darling ..
to each their own ;)

Purplecious said...


the pic is hilarious ;p

I loved your blog and your recipes are sooooo yummy :)

Regarding the Hala Febrier point, I totally agree with you :/

3abeer said...


aren't you a yummy color ;)

glad you like the recipes hon, always a pleasure :)

ZiZoTiMe said...


Loved the pic wel 7ekma ely weyaha hehe

Alia said...

"If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular" & transperant???

5. Stupid: khalas from now on it's STUPID FEB.
4. 2nd month of the year .. hehehhehe .. I bet you prefer DECEMBER????
3. YES YES YES .. standing in the way of spring, standing in the way of letting us dress in those beautiful spring/summer dresses .. & YES standing in the way of MARCH .. the best month ever.
2. Valentie's .. I got a valentine's teddy bear that says "I love you" from a friend .. & I hate such gifts, as i hate to go to sultan center during Valentine's .. المحل يقلب أحمر بأحمر
1. EEEEEEEEEE .. i hate it too .. يقولون مهرجان تسوق .. بس الوقت الوحيد اللي ما احب اتسوق فيه .. المحلات تصير زبالة وعلى قولتج ستوكات ملوت سنة الطفحة

هههههه .. تذكرين لما اختج كانت تقول باروح أخمد ... والله انها تهبل

سلميلي عليها وايد

NuNu™ said...

I totally agree with you!!

3abeer said...



Alia darling,

It's official..Stupid Feb it is! ;) yes I do love december ..except that it's cold :(

hehehe..and yes my sister's chidhood was so funny
دايما نعايرها بسالفة الخمد

كانت تقول.. بالضيط بالضبط

ماما..ماما.. أنا بروح أخمد إنزين؟ ما بنام بخمد

In her language:

بخمد = النوم العميق
بنام = أنسدح بس

lol..maskeena my sis..kila men my mom.. kant tgoolina roo7o khemdow ..laykoon ashoofkom ga3deen :P


Love you too sweets ;***

eshda3wa said...

and the fact that its only 28 days
its not even a real month
i want to wipe it off the calendar
and give all the ppl i know whos birthdays are in feb new birth dates! UGH!

and abt the pic LOOOL
Love is blind, but lust isnt';)

3abeer said...


That's a good idea.. new birth dates and a discount on top of that :P

Lust!!..hmmm ako shay mwadee el kel bdahya ghair el lust ? LOL

..G.. said...

Hahahaha your post just got me cracking up!!!

keep it up girl, ou 6al3y ily fee galbich!!!


error said...

Its starting to smell like a kitchen here

kila ma6goog said...

i agree

3abeer said...


;).. you bet I will


and it just hit you ??!!!

kila ma6goog,


dumdum said...

how was the party ?:P

NuNu™ said...

New Post Please =>

3abeer said...


soon ya 7ayati soon..
been a little bit busy ;)

nEo said...


مع ان هلا فبراير قلبي طاير !


3abeer said...


eee 6ayer men el khar3aa!

Spontaneousnessity said...


Papillona ® said...

New post
لو تكرمتي

3abeer said...

Sponty wonty,

inzain... !!

kila tdiz kila tdiz!!

papi darling,

walla under process.. got a tiny bit busy.. but now I will post something as silly as this post :P