Sunday, March 04, 2007

Different Strokes...

Didn't get to see the Oscars..

I had a long weekend and I'm still recovering from the aftermath..

my horoscope today was..

Today you could receive word of a promotion or an exciting new challenge at work. Though this is something you have wanted for a long time now, you may hesitate to accept immediately. Could it be because your self-confidence is rather low right now, dear Sagittarius? Don't let that stop you! This feeling is only temporary, while the opportunity could develop into something quite long-term. Don't lose your chance!

I love sushi.. alot! but this email I recently recieved makes think about those people who've taken their love for sushi a bit too far...!!

Seriously now! would anyone buy this crap? lol

I can only deal with the pillows.. I acutally might get one...hehe

Sushi Pillows

Sushi I-POD case

Sushi Car Ornaments

Sushi earings

Sushi Bracelet and Earing set

and if you're bored..

This site allows you to create your very own 3-D character. Start by choosing gender. Specify skin color, features, hairstyle...etc. Then, put your mini-me in motion by choosing animation, which ranges from strumming a six-string to smooching Brad Pitt to busting out a “Thriller” dance. The Meez en scènes, if you will, include cityscapes, parties, magazine covers, and a corner office.

oh and my secret.. shshshshshs.. for march..

what would you do if you knew someone for so long to discover he/she is gay.. they might not know it and they might have been keeping it from you.. how would you deal with this?
should I just do the confrontation thing?
I have no problem with it.. but I don't know how to approach and say .. hey.. it's ok!

maybe I should just overlook it and pretend everything is a-o-kay!

Enough yapping .. Lunar eclipse just started.. going to check it out.


Update on Lunar Eclipse: I stayed up all night watching .. it was breathtakin' and the weather was absolutely perfect, skies were clear and I got a full view.


eshda3wa said...

i hate sushi
but i love the pillows lol
about the gay friend thing
if they didnt tell u
then dont confront em
they mite nt be comfertable with it and it mite cause unnessary emmbarassment

3abeer said...


I can't believe it's you !! .. ya7alatich :*

I guess you're right about the gay issue.

Thanks a bunch suga ;**

Spontaneousnessity said...

wa akheeran!

yeah so =}

the sushi thing! I don't get it! it's raw fish people! so not my thing, all that aside, the earing? a little too busy!

& now the gay thing, I can do that for you =} hehehe no just kidding, it depends how close you are with that person, you can always find links to talk about it where you can express how you feel which will leave the ball in your gay friend's court to decide whether to open up to you or not.. for some reason I have a feeling I've been using very unclear voc, I better go check on the bird..

did you know it was nothing? talk about real life drama! =P

3abeer said...


Happy now??? lama gal 3anich error enich 7annah chethab :P

We are close..but I doubt he/she will come out of the closet, simply because he/she is afraid it might get out and people know.

I have no doubt in my mind that he/she is Gay.. I'm positive.. again it's his/her's life..

yeah go check on that bird.. 3ala golat 3abdel7sain..

3afasteena 3afeeesaih.. ;P

Spontaneousnessity said...


tha7akteeny 3al he/she LOL!! they have to come up with a new one for gays! like .. He/She/Ve? so instead of her you say Ver, or his you say Vis.. I didn't get enough sleep last night =/

eshda3wa said...

3abeeer !
im glad ur glad it me!
and my daddy talks to u about me awWww !
btw he always talks to me abt u!
y7ebich tara :)

and sponty!
imga3da 3amiti min elnoom 3ala 6aiiir!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ok this is really a long post and i have to comment on each part since i liked it :)

I tried to watch the Oscar but they started at 4 so noway i'm going to complete it.. I guess we know the results now and that's enough ;)

I hate Sushi... But i loved those pics and ideas ;) Would that make me unique? :P

Ur 3d charachter looks cute but y u're wearing short.. It's not that hot yet? :P

Ok i guess that's enough for now :P

Delicately Realistic said...

I think i saw the oscars about 3 times :/ dont worry u didnt miss much.
I love sushi...but no i wouldnt buy that stuff.
I looooved ur pic AND the message it conveyed.
Yours are always nice every month :>
Emmm...about the freind....i would pretend that i didnt know....give the person the freedom to come to u when they feel the time is right...for now just leave things be.
Emmm......ba3ad shino kan fe ur not going to going to rely on my memory...
Oh! I loved the virtual character..ill make one now...
Oh and as for the ecilipse, i got a million msgs last night to check it out....but for some reason i didnt want to see it this year (bad memories)...i slept!

Spontaneousnessity said...

eshda3wa, IT'S HER STUPID BIRD! I couldn't just set it free without let her know she'd kill me dead! that's not metaphorically speaking.

3baid said...

*imagines biting the sushi pillow*


3abeer said...

Sponty wonty,

I think you should propose your idea to the gay community and see how it goes.. oh.. and don't forget to have it registered, as your own trade mark ;P


I love him too ;*


I know I didn't miss much witht he oscars and all, but I still want to watch it.
about the items..if you like'em then you're not unique.. more like weird :P

and that's not my character, I found it on the same webpage..I didn't have time to create my own..I will soon though :)


how's studying? hope all is well :)

I'll take this advice and won't confront YET.. but I can't keep playing dumb forever!
and the eclipse was something!! the weather was perfect that night and skies were clear, so I have the perfect view from our house's garden. Lovely :)

3abeer said...


That bird caused chaos.. maybe it was seeking attention :P


did you have breakfast??
I think it's time you do!

Kitty said...

yum yum

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

lol! I want the pillows and the car ornaments!

Tell me something, since your mini-me is adorable, who does she look like? does she look like you? :) lol she has a chihuahua ba3ad!

I could add your shhhhh secret to my 2006 lessons :)

as for your gay friend, I agree with Spontaneous, u can start by talking about it in general, make them feeel "safe". and then let them decide whether to come out or not! they're lucky to have a friend like you.
I missed the eclipse :(

error said...

I sometimes watch nonsense too.

Dr.Lost said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty .. what did i tell you about sushi?!!?


cixousianpanic said...

I love sushi but I dont crave it - does that make any sense? I mean I enjoy eating it a lot but unless people suggest to a sushi place, I dont crave it.

And, I would second eshda3wa on this one. Unless he/she approaches you then don't confront. He/she will tell you when they feel ready.

3abeer said...




the character is not me, it's on the website, I haven't had the chance to create mine, but I will get to it soon :)

and my secret is your secret :P you can use it hon.

and about my "gay" fried.. we'll have to wait and see.


uuuuhhh.. unnkaaaay!


u be the soup nazi!


it makes sense.. ur not a hardcore sushi fanatic :P
almost all of you agree on me waiting for his/her/ move... I guess I'll do that :)


Transparently said...

Sushi gives me goose bumps..

I don't like *these* kinds of surprises, someone turning all bright and rainbow all of a sudden eeks..

However, I do liked this colorful post :P I think there used to be this old sweet (7alaw) in kuwait that was in the shape of suishi..

3abeer said...


it gives you goose bumps?? is that a good thing ?:P

I don't mind the change, I think sexual prefrences are something personal and no one has the right to tell you right or wrong .. and that's just my opinion :) my problem is pretending to be something your not.. that's what bothers me,, specially when it's someone you once considered close.

7alaw 3ala shakel sushi.. ma mar 3alay !

cosimfree911 said...

anaa a7eb al sushi wayed bs 3ad hathool to much 9ara7aa :P

Alia said...

I Loooooooooooooooooooove the website

3abeer said...


tell me about it !


did you manage to create your character?
show me ..:)

phoenix said...

1st i have to say I love the picture of the sagittarius woman..very nice!
And you have to admit those sushi stuff are really weird. But an obsession is and obsession.

And lastly, about the gay thing.. I think you should confront but delicatley as not to appear to be judgemental

3abeer said...


Merci merci..

he/she knows I'm anything but judgemental..
we'll see how it goes.. and thanks for the advice :)