Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To my Valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day... Ya think ?!

Happy Valentine's day to all......

...and check out my valentine's day recipes..

Love toasts with fried eggs (Link)


Fondue your Valentine (Link)


Spontaneousnessity said...


LOL Happy V. Day babe =} o el 7al min ba3dho :P

BLaSha said...


♀ L's brain ♀ said...

LOOOOL that's the spirit!!!

wohooo this is my fav valentine's post

Delicately Realistic said...

Ystahil Cupido il7awal!!!!


Aby heart shaped eggs tooooo!

Transparently said...

lol, thats a nice ironic picture. I wonder though, is the arrow in the back his arrow, or was it someone elses.

3abeer said...

Sponty Wonty,

Right back at ya darling.. we walla el 7al men ba3dho..

yalla!! we need to do a man hunt.. remember.. that's my newyear's resolution ;P




that's sarcasim for you babe ;)


I'm making heart shaped pizza tonight .. yenfa3? :P


well, cupid was not struck by love in this picture .. otherwise you'd see the allow aimed at his butt.
This time he's shot.. dead.. for good :)

error said...

happy valentines

3abeer said...


Happy Valentine's day to you too ;)

Alia said...

Happy Valentine's day sweety
ولو انها متأخرة يوم

انزين الصورة مؤلمة .. ليش شذي عاد

أمبي مو قادرة اتمقل فيها ... شنه ياهل صجي .. وما ابي اقول يذكرني بمنو .. يعور

3abeer said...


Happy Valentine's to you too darling :)

7abeeebti.. didn't mean to cause you pain :(

DEAL with it ..hehe *kidding*

cupid has been shooting arrows right and left hurting people.. he got what he deserved.. ;P

Dr.Lost said...

happy v day babessss :))

3abeer said...


Happy V day to you too sweets ;)